Holiday Trip to Parangtritis Beach

Travelling with the community very pleasant. We can create an event to make a trip.
The event is gonna Parangtritis Beach in Yogyakarta.

I went from an hour 3.00pm picked up by motorcycle clubs.

From west java to yogyakarta far enough, we came one day to the location.

traveling by bike is very cool, although tired. but everything tiredness gone when seeing the beautiful scenery in every way.

A flat tire or a stop while traveling, things are common.

After arriving, I'm did not immediately go to the beach, the break is a great time.

By the citizens of Yogyakarta shortened became the beach paris. Because most famous in the city's culture.

Famous in Yogyakarta with the waves to save a million beauty and mystery to those that believe.

Located in the south island region of Java, connected with the Indian Ocean.

Heat and high winds welcomed us when in tourist area.

Suitable visit by yourself, couples or families. The sunset view not losing with Kuta Beach in Bali.

Which are interesting is the du…

The Beauty Losari Beach When Twilight

Losari beach is located right in the heart of Makassar City and one of the favorite travel.

And dubbed the beach with the longest table in the world, because many stalls that lined.

In addition to beautiful scenery, you'll enjoy a unique culinary tour of Makassar.
If payed, always attract attention though not as beautiful the shadow.

But Losari beach will be more beautiful 80% when twilight came. because the sunset view is a familiar thing while on vacation.

TwilightHmm twilight, always interesting to see than the daylight or night. Because, as it implies beauty of its own that difficult to express a word.

For photography lovers, twilight is the golden time. Golden color of the background for the ships that move back and forth and the birds are flying here and further adds to the beauty Losari beach.

While at another angle we can also enjoy the beauty of building a floating mosque, Mosque Amirul Mu'minin, standing not far from the Home Office of the Mayor of Makassar.

The more nights,…

Kete Kesu is A Unique Cultural Tourism

A village famous for its traditional customs. Currently, Kete Kesu famous for tongkonan and tombs Toraja.

The location is approximately 4km to the southeast of Rantepao.

Tongkonan house standing in this tourism area was estimated to be 400 years old.

In this traditional house, travelers can see the shape of the house, carvings Toraja, granary, buffalo horn terpapang row in pole home.

The more the composed buffalo horn, the higher the degree of social residents are indigenous. Not just to visit and see but you can also learn and know more about the culture of Toraja.

Tongkonan house located in the region founded by Puang Ri Kesu and inherited to his relatives.

Until now, the descendants of Puang Ri Kesu still maintain and preserve the traditional houses.

This complex became a cultural heritage and is sometimes used as a traditional funeral ceremony.

Kete Kesu in the eyes of the world is a complete portrait of megalithic culture in North Toraja regency.

Various souvenirs with typical Toraja carv…

Natural Beauty When Climbing Mount Slamet

Me and friends on 26 December 2016 set out to climb Mount Slamet.
In my mind, Mount Slamet very big. like me will not be able to climb.

With a height that reaches about 3428 meters above sea level, making it the highest mountain in Central Java province and the second highest in the island of Java after Mount Semeru.

The natural beauty make one of the favorite destinations of climbing local and foreign climbers.

And including one of the mountain in Indonesia which popular as a destination and climbing expeditions.

Climbing Mount Slamet famous complicated enough. Along the hiking no water, if there is only limited.

If the climber passes Bambangan lines, water problems can usually be resolved.

And the complexity of factors climbing marked by mist highly concentrated and volatile.

Although climb to the peak is quite complicated, but the condition of this would be an interesting challenge for me and friends.

The more severe the challenge, more fun climbing to do.

Slamet has a legend that is heredit…

Karimunjawa Island is The Caribbean of Java

Karimunjawa is island in the Java Sea which is located in the districts Jepara, Central Java.

Underwater life with various types biota, white sandy beaches and small islands the beautiful.

The people around also very friendly.

Now many foreign traveler visit and very familiar with foreign traveler that liked want to travel.

The name of KarimunJawa given by Sheikh Amir Hasan son of Sunan Muria and also a pupil of Sunan Kudus.

Because brat and pupil of the propagator of Islam in Java and then discarded to the island, when viewed from a distance be equivocal.

Traces the history of Karimunjawa can be enjoyed now in the form of religious tourism.

Visiting the mosque, some tombs such as the tomb of Sunan Nyamplungan, Sayid Kambang tomb and the tomb of Syed Abdullah which is located in the village.

The Caribbean of JavaThe beauty Karimunjawa like in the Caribbean that have similarities as several smaller islands. Many has the uniqueness, diverse biota and beautiful coral reefs.

underwater si…