West Java

Darajat Pass Water Park Garut

July 13, 2017

This is a family vacation.

My brother and cousin, they don't go to school because vacation is too long.

Ok guys, they (family) to prepare lunch for there.

At 8:00 am, July 8, 2017, we go to Darajat Pass water park Garut!

From Tasikmalaya city to Garut very near, maybe 4 hours to arrive. huh...

Yeah, we're having some problems in the car. this is happening to take over the first gear when ascend.

I think it's difficult. However, my dad didn't take a gear operand from one of the second to get past the climb.

I forgot maybe 11:36 am we got there. Xd

Darajat pass water park is located

Darajat pass water park is located on Darajat road km. 14 Bedeng village Karyamekar Pasirwangi District Garut West Java Province, Indonesia.

Darajat Pass Garut is a tourist attraction hot waters, water parks, restaurants, out bound and lodging located in West Garut, 25 KM from Garut City.

This place is surrounded

This place is surrounded by tea gardens, the air is cool, cloudy and hot water. It's fun!

Darajat pass water park also provides security and comfort for visitors. So, it's perfect for holidays with friends and your family.

Actually in Garut is very much a tourist attraction, such as Mount Cikuray and others. However, this is a family vacation. So I can't go to some places.

Don't forget culinary Garut!

I'm not too much time! I just bought a few souvenirs to take home.

my aunt buying

My aunt bought a pack of dodol picnic from the center. Because this brand already has a name and taste good.

I hope the owner of the company read it, maybe I'll get for free from him. Lol

Admission Price Darajat Pass Water Park

Weekdays (Monday - Friday)

Child / Adult: IDR 25,000

Weekend (Red dates or holidays, Saturday & Sunday)

3 - 10 Years: IDR 25,000

Above 10 years: IDR 30,000

South Sulawesi

The Beauty Losari Beach When Twilight

March 15, 2017

Losari beach is located right in the heart of Makassar City and one of the favorite travel.

And dubbed Losari beach with the longest table in the world, because of many stalls that line.

In addition to beautiful scenery, you'll enjoy a unique culinary tour of Makassar.

If payed, always attract attention though not as beautiful the shadow.

But Losari beach will be more beautiful 80% when twilight came. because the sunset view is a familiar thing while on vacation.


Hmm twilight, always interesting to see than the daylight or night. Because, as it implies beauty of its own that difficult to express a word.

For photography lovers

For photography lovers, twilight is the golden time. The Golden color of the background for the ships that move back and forth.

The birds are flying here and further adds to the beauty.

While at another angle we can also enjoy the beauty of building a floating mosque, Mosque Amirul Mu'minin, standing not far from the Home Office of the Mayor of Makassar.

The more nights, the atmosphere in the increasingly crowded Losari.

The traveler who comes from out of town or from abroad will almost certainly take the time to come and enjoy the twilight at Losari.

Culinary Banana Epe in Makassar

Makassar is famous for banana culinary processed. Banana epe made of half-baked plantains roasted on furnaces fire.

Typical is the way of processing, which is clamped between two boards. In the language of Makassar, mepe means flops.

Bananas are clamped

Bananas are clamped inflict dense flavor and crisp, yet still sweet.

The more delicious with the distinctive aroma of burning and tanned color.

Banana epe is generally served on a plate with spray thick sauce.

Made from a mixture of water, coconut milk, brown sugar, and pandan leaves are boiled until thick and cooked.

Banana epe also got a touch of modification, and vary with different flavours.

Among other things, chocolate, cheese, strawberries, nuts, coconut, or durian. Depending on the taste.

Banana epe will feel more special when enjoyed while sitting facing the sea and enjoying the wind blowing ahead of dusk or night.

To add warmth, you can order a cup of coffee, milk, or sarabba. Guaranteed, become tourist experience that will always make you missed Makassar.

South Sulawesi

Kete Kesu is A Unique Cultural Tourism

February 12, 2017

A village famous for its traditional customs. Currently, Kete Kesu famous for Tongkonan and Toraja tombs.

The location is about 4km to the southeast of Rantepao.

Tongkonan house

Tongkonan house that stood in the tourist area is estimated to be 400 years old.

In this traditional house, travelers can see the shape of the house, Toraja carving, granary, buffalo horn displayed on pole house.

The more buffalo horn is formed.

The higher the level of indigenous peoples. Not just to be visited and seen but you also can learn and know more about Toraja culture.

Tongkonan house is located in this area built by Puang Ri Kesu and inherited for relatives.

Until now, the descendants of Puang Ri Kesu still maintain and preserve traditional houses.

This complex became a cultural heritage and is sometimes used as a traditional funeral ceremony.

Kete Kesu in the eyes of the world is a complete portrait of a megalithic culture in North Toraja Regency.

Various souvenirs with typical Toraja carvings to take home as souvenirs are also available at the region's attractions.

There were trays, coasters, bracelets, necklaces, sculptures, wall hangings and paintings.

Green rice field hill fresh air also will increase the enjoyment of your holiday with family or friends.

You can also take pictures and see for yourself how the rich culture of the Toraja people.

Don't forget to take pictures with Buffalo Toraja. Black buffalo (regular) or Buffalo mottle.

Funeral in Kete Kesu

Skulls and bones at the cemetery littered Kete Kesu, not victims who die needlessly from Khmer Rouge regime currently in power in Cambodia.

Not a bone

Not a bone from a cadaver that was killed in the 1948 massacre of Jeju in Korea.

This is just one form of funeral or cemetery can be called unique in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi.

Behind exoticism funeral tradition Tana Toraja, Indonesia indeed save the cultural wealth and natural beauty are so outstanding.

Tana Toraja funeral shape is evidence of the rich tradition of the cemetery on the cliff wall or hills can only be found in this area.

History of a tradition can't be separated from the natural geographical conditions surrounding them, as well as Toraja tribe who live in the mountainous region to give birth to a unique form of a funeral like this.

Don't die before to Toraja
Communications manager MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo, Artur Vilalta with his wife Marta Carreras in Kete Kesu when on vacation at the end of July 2015 Toraja ago.
"Don't die before to Toraja". That sayings are heard when trying to convince people to come to Toraja. Why must to Toraja before died? Because storing natural beauty and unique culture are rarely sought after in the world.

Secretly, Communication Manager for Jorge Lorenzo, Artur Vilalta, and his wife Marta Carreras Toraja vacation to end in July 2015 ago. Artur uses the momentum of the summer holidays when Lorenzo breaks MotoGP race. In Indonesia, the week, while the holiday.

Do you ever come here? if not, please visit :)

Central Java

Natural Beauty When Climbing Mount Slamet

January 16, 2017

Me and friends on 26 December 2016 set out to climb Mount Slamet.

In my mind, Mount Slamet very big. like me will not be able to climb.

With a height that reaches about 3428 meters above sea level, making it the highest mountain in Central Java province and the second highest in the island of Java after Mount Semeru.

The natural beauty
Pic by Rizky

The natural beauty makes one of the favorite destinations of climbing local and foreign climbers.

And including one of the mountain in Indonesia which popular as a destination and climbing expeditions.

Climbing Mount Slamet famous complicated enough. Along the hiking no water, if it is only limited.

If the climber passes Bambangan lines, water problems can usually be resolved.

And the complexity of factors climbing marked by mist highly concentrated and volatile.

Although climb to the peak is quite complicated, the condition of this would be an interesting challenge for me and friends.

The more severe the challenge, more fun climbing to do.

Slamet has a legend that is hereditary. Slamet name is taken from the Java language, which means congratulations.

Based the trust of local peoples, if the large eruption of Mount Slamet until then Java will be split into two parts.

At the foot of Mount Slamet is sufficient famous tourist areas in Central Java, which is a tourist attraction Baturaden and Hot Water Guci.


This attraction is located in the highlands south. So the weather in the region this attraction cool during the day and cold during the afternoon.

Region Baturaden tourist spot is very suitable for a break. In this tourist area will are found a wide range of villas and resorts in the rental and are ready to meet the needs of the traveler who come on holiday.

Baturaden located in the highlands makes this region a great place to see the various sights below lower.

Hot Water Guci

Hot water Guci has many showers that are trusted by people around can cure diseases. such as skin diseases, scabies, and rheumatism. If you're curious, you can try.

Climbing route Bambangan

I and my friends took this route because it is very popular and is the most common lane.

Bambangan Route is the shortest, compared with the route Batu Raden and Kali Wadas.

In a village that altitude 1279 meters above sea level, climbers can recheck equipment and take care of all the administration of the climb.

After the settlement

After the settlement of the asphalt road turning right, Hikers will cross the river and jump from one rock to another, when the rainy season torrential flow of water will cover these cobblestones.

Next, you'll pass through the fields of a population during 1 hour to the post Umbrella with circumstances steep terrain.

Post Umbrella is a climbing post that resembles a giant umbrella and still is in the middle of the plantation population.

After heading Umbrella ascent continued toward Walang cottage, the track was very slippery and steep in the middle of a tropical rain forest environment, for approximately 2 hours.

After Walang cottage, the field is still as before, the lane is still rising in the middle of a very dense forest panorama and beautiful, for approximately 2 hours towards to pine cottage.

As the name suggests, pine cottage is surrounded by spruce and covered by moss. Climbing continues towards Samarantu post.

more or less 2 hours with a fixed line uphill and dense forests.

Samaranthu constitutes post 4. Approximately 15 minutes of this post there is a spring clean in a small river.

After Samaranthu began to open with grassland vegetation.

Climbers will pass Sanghiang Rangkah which is a beautiful shrub with Edelweiss around her, and occasionally find Fruit Strawberries in the middle of the trees blocking the line of the mountains.

Climbers will also pass Sanghiang Jampang very beautiful to see the sunrise.

Approximately 30 minutes later climbers would arrive at Plawangan. Plawangan (mace = door) is a door leading to the summit Slamet.

From this point of climbers will be able to enjoy the scenery stretching eastwards.

After Plawangan, lane more interesting and challenging, in addition to sand and lava rock sedimentation erosive on along the track, on either side of the ravine and there is no one single tree that can be used as a handle.

In this area frequent storms, therefore, advised hikers to hike in the morning.

Most climbers leave their belongings on the bottom, to lighten the burden. From Plawangan reached the top takes 30 to 60 minutes.

From here hikers can see the peak Slamet so big and very broad expanse of the caldera and stunning, usually call by Segoro Wedi.

If we wanted to go down to the other lines, such as guci, climbers must pass a complex crater to select the lane desired.

Climbing route Kaliwadas

Kaliwadas an altitude hamlets mdpi 1850 and entered Dawehan Village area, District Sirampog, Brebes.

To go Kaliwadas can be reached from the Bumiayu city heading Pangasinan using the Rural Transport type Colt which takes 2 hours.

Arriving at the Market Pangasinan, proceed to Kaliwadas using hardtop Jeep or using public transit vehicle types operating openly until 18:00 pm.

Climbers can prepare all supplies and license of these Kaliwadas. About 300 m after the village roads, climbers are directed towards the footpath.

An hour later, hikers will pass through the Holy Tuk by locals interpreted as a sacred spring. In this Holy, Tuk is containable water flow, which serves as the village irrigation underneath.

After Holy Tuk, lane began to climb penetrate alleys Bamboo plants are small. The population around it Pringgodani. Sixty minutes later climbers would arrive at the cottage Growong.

A Growong cottage is a suitable place to set up camp. In the vicinity of this area is found underneath a large tree in a hole large enough.

After a relatively flat trajectory Growong cottage up on a small bridge named Wlingi park, at an altitude of 1953 meters above sea level.

In this area there is a junction, the line is straight and wide toward the Well bride. Within 500m of the area, there is a water source, which is also a sacred place where many pilgrims who came to ask for blessings.

The lane to the left of the line leading to the top. lane increasingly uphill. Along the track began often found fallen trees and tree stinger.

Tracks sometimes enclosed by shrubs so that the climber must be careful not to get lost.

Lane start again widened when the climbers passed the intersection Igir Manis at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level.

In the vicinity of this area will be found plants and vegetation Adelweiss Strawberries. After that climber will arrive in Igir Tjowek at an altitude of 2750 meters above sea level.

This area entrance area of Mount Malang. Here there is a meeting with tracks Baturaden. A few meters later then the climbers arrive at Plawangan.

Plawangan is a fairly flat land in open areas, as well as a limit of vegetation. To get to the summit takes about 2hours. Hikers can depart early in order to enjoy the state of the surrounding peaks and sunny weather conditions.

After Plawangan trajectory deepened into the climb angle reaches 60. Furthermore, the state of the track is getting worse with volcanic rocks prone to landslides.

The smell of sulfur from the crater stung when climbers reached the top of the shadow.

After passing the monument Surono which is a pile of rocks, hikers will reach the highest peak of Mount Slamet marked with stakes and tower triangulation. First place is also used as monitoring activity of the volcano.

The second highest peak in Java these hikers can see a view of the east. Looked several peaks like Mount Cleft, Sundoro, Merbabu, Merapi, and peak Ciremai in the west. Everything stands firmly in Java island.

Climbing route Baturaden

Towards BatuRaden travels a distance of 15 km towards the north and can be reached for 30 minutes using public transport.

Baturaden which is a famous tourist area with shower and Pitu telu is located at an altitude of 760 meters above sea level.

The shower is a stream of hot springs that contain sulfur. This line is the lane traveled hardest and climb.

Running along the south foot at a height of about 640 m above sea level. Baturaden has located only 14 km from the city of Purwokerto associated with the adequate road.

In these places, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air a temperature of 18 Celsius 25 Celsius. While with a height of 3,428 m, is the largest volcano and the second highest in Java.

If the weather is good, Navan Town can be seen from Baturraden, as well as Cilacap and Nusa Kambangan.

When we see Mount Slamet, we can see the slopes that covered by forests Heterogeneous. Recreation in serving Baturraden wild mountains and desolate valley dotted waterfalls and hot springs sulfur and shower.

In this place

In this place, we can enjoy a variety of toys, viewing tower, Botanical Garden, Swimming Pool. Hot water baths, Kintamani, a pool slide, water bike, cable car, and the zoo Widya Mandala.

After Baturaden Park. On the way to the post, I found many branches trajectory, which is a street rat that many made by the locals.

Along the way, hikers will pass through a stream. After that the lane back flat and dish with a gaping chasm on the right side of the track. To arrive at the post 1 needed time for 3 hours.

After post 1 the lane began to climb with a dish of lush forest and beautiful, for 2 hours. To arrive at the post 3 takes over 3 hours with a trajectory that is not so uphill.

Vegetation in post 3 is still within the confines of tropical rain forest. Climbers will be folding on a thin ridge at an altitude of 1664 meters above sea level.

The area was named Igir Leiangar. After post 4, precisely at the peak of Mount Malang, will encounter lane intersection with Kaliwadas. Then the journey continues towards the Plawangan, then turn right towards the peak Slamet.


Holiday Trip to Parangtritis Beach

December 25, 2016

Traveling with the community is fun. We can create events to travel.

This event goes to Parangtritis Beach in Yogyakarta.

I left from 3.00 pm to be picked up by a motorcycle club.

From West Java to Yogyakarta far enough, we came one day to the location.

Travel on a motorcycle is very cool, though tired. but all the fatigue is lost when seeing the beautiful scenery by all means.

A flat tire or a stop

A flat tire or a stop when traveling is common.

Once up, t break is the right time.

Parangtritis beach by citizens of Yogyakarta city is shortened be Paris beach. Because it is most famous in the culture of the city.

And also famous in Yogyakarta with the waves to save a million beauty and mystery. (to the believer)

Located on the southern island of Java, connected to the Indian Ocean.

Hot and strong winds welcomed us while in the tourist area.

Suitable visit by yourself, couples or families. The sunset views Parangtritis beach is not losing with Kuta Beach in Bali.

Which is interesting is the dune or dune sand around the beach.

These dunes are known as the only desert in Southeast Asia. Being here, you'll find it was in Africa because of the vast sea of sand and the air is several degrees very hot of the surrounding area.

According to Parangtritis beach residents who are believed to be the entrance of the supernatural kingdom in the southern sea.

And also used as a location of various rituals both by the palace and the surrounding society.


It is a unique natural phenomenon in areas that have high rainfall such as Yogyakarta. This sand dune is used as a laboratory by researchers.

According to research, sand dunes formed from volcanic materials of Mount Merapi brought by the river to the sea.

This material is carried by the waves to the mainland and then brought the wind to form a desert with typical highland features.

The process of a sand dune is not so short, it takes thousands of years to carry a lot of sand and form a unique pattern like the deserts in Africa.

The dunes are often used as shootings. Such as pre wedding photos or filming for commercial purposes such as advertisements, video clips, and movies.

According to the community, Parangtritis is called as one of the symbols of trine power in Yogyakarta with Mount Merapi and Sultanate of Yogyakarta.

Have a water element, Mount Merapi has an element of fire, and the royal palace serves as a counterweight to both. If the line is straight, three lines are on the same line from north to south.

Not surprisingly

Not surprisingly, it has an important role for Yogyakarta. There is another belief that Parangtritis beach is the gateway of the Royal Palace of the South Sea led by Kanjeng Ratu Kidul.

Do you believe? Better not at all

That said, the southern queen was like a green color, therefore visitors are not advised to wear green or something bad will happen.

Believe it or not, you should avoid the green color when visiting this attraction.

Around the beach

If you wanna surround, you can walk while enjoying the breeze and the waves of the sea.

Don't want fatigue to run? You can try to walk around the horse riding road.

Or you can also ride a buggy that is ready to surround the beach or rent an ATV

Enjoy roasted corn at sunset

Will be crowded at dusk. Many people set up their own cameras to get the best picture at sunset.

You can sit enjoying roasted corn and coconut ice a lot.

Hunting Souvenirs

There are many merchants who go around offering unique handicrafts in Jogja. But I prefer to hunt to Malioboro.

a beringhardjo market

A beringhardjo market is one of the traditional markets and tourist attractions in Yogyakarta visited by tourists.

I can find batik with various motifs, crafts, snacks, accessories to spices as a producer of traditional herbal medicine.

Hot Water Bath Parawedang

There are plenty of Parawedang hot tubs. This place is unique!

But the results of his research, there is no sulfur in it. Soaking in the bath is believed to treat various skin diseases.


Hotels very much. Cheap lodging in Parangtritis beach you can get.