Misool Island: Marine Reserve for Diving in Raja Ampat

April 13, 2018

Misool Island like a paradise marine park. Spanning a series of rocky islands in west and east. Misool is one of islands four largest the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua Province.

Misool is directly adjacent to

Misool is directly adjacent to the Ceram Sea and offshore waters that become a major cross-path of animals including whales. You can enjoy all the beauty without having to share it with many people.

The existence of undersea paradise can already be identified, even before you dive into the turquoise-colored sea water is soothing the eye.

The almost unspoiled landscape of this remote island encompasses a vast expanse of deep and clear ocean, its white sand stretching along the coast and surrounded by tropical forest trees and mangrove green.

Underwater raja ampat save approximately 75 percent of ornamental fish and coral triangle in the world.

There are a number of diving spots that offer experience from misool marine reserve. Various types of fish, coral reefs, sharks, turtles, and other marine biota.

Not only that, misool also has the cultural diversity and customs of the local people. Historical relics of paintings on the walls of the cave can also be found here.


Diving and snorkeling is top choices while on vacation. misool marine reserve known internationally as the underwater paradise of the best and rare natural phenomenon.

The best diving

The best diving season is almost throughout the year. However, keep in mind that during the rainy season diving activity may be slightly distorted. Visits at different times lets you get more experience.

Boat trips are more fun things that will invite you to watch the exotic archipelago. Scuba Diving or Kayaking is a selection of water sports.

Other favorite places that you can visit is the presence of the human hand-shaped painting, fish, and another known as petroglyphs. The red colored beautiful painting estimated age of approximately 5,000 years.

Accommodations for overnight stays can be found and rented at nearby resort.


You can schedule a flight to Domne Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong. Afterwards, to explore Misool Island you can choose to take a tour using pinisi boat.

There is a tour package, a boat can also be a vehicle as well as a place to stay to explore is in a small paradise with beach views, and a spectacular misool marine reserve.

If you stay at resorts

If you stay at resorts like Papua Diving and Misool Eco Resort, they will usually provide pickup service from the airport at Sorong in the form of a private speedboat.

Central Java

The Natural Beauty of Mount Merbabu

April 08, 2018

What do you think about mount merbabu as high more than 3,000 meters?

Mount merbabu is a dream

Mount merbabu is a dream among climbers. A difficult path, bone-chilling cold, and some things that must be considered.

Fog, cold air, dense forest, and the difficulty of water become an obstacle during the ascent of merbabu, Central Java. But, if you manage to conquer the peak, its charm and natural beauty can be a valuable gift.

Mount merbabu is a dormant stratovolcano in Central Java province on the Indonesian island of Java. The name Merbabu could be loosely translated as 'Mountain of Ash' from the Javanese combined words; Meru means "mountain" and awu or abu means "ash". And erupted in 1560 and 1797.

This mountain is known

This mountain is known as sleeping mountain although it actually has 5 pieces of crater: Condrodimuko crater, Kombang crater, Kendang, Rebab, and Sambernyowo crater.

There are several hiking paths that you can use in mountain merbabu.

  • Merbabu track via Chuntel at Chuntel Magelang
  • Merbabu track via Thekelan at Kopeng Salatiga
  • Merbabu track via Selo at Selo Boyolali
  • Merbabu track via Gancik at Selo Boyolali
  • Merbabu track via Wekas at Wekas Magelang
  • Merbabu track via Suwanting at Suwanting Magelang

however, I chose Selo track because favorite of the Merbabu mountaineers. Selo track is medium difficulty level and suitable for beginner climber. At the Selo track, climbers will see incredible scenery such as forests, savanna grass, hills, fog and others.

the peak of mount merbabu

Selo is the name of a village in Boyolali, Central Java. Selo village is located between mount merbabu and Mount Merapi. So, this village can be regarded as the start of ascent to the two Mountains.

Climbing tips

  • Try to check out your calendar to pick the right day to climb (not the rainy season)
  • Physical exercise a week before leaving
  • Prepare the team and the equipment to be taken.
  • Make a team
  • Safety is no one.
  • Bring enough food and water
  • Set up a tent in a flat place and shrouded in trees or shrubs so as not to be exposed to direct mountain winds
  • If there is a group who can not continue the journey, it should be accompanied. Or if a serious illness immediately tell the other group.


Go to Selo from Semarang-Solo
1. Bus Semarang - Solo down in Boyolali city.
2. A small bus from Boyolali Cow Market to Selo.
3. A small bus from Cepogo Market to Selo.

Go to Selo from Yogya-Solo
1. Yogya Bus - Solo down in Kartasura city.
2. Solo Bus - Semarang down at Boyolali terminal.
3. A small Bus fro Boyolamli Cow Market to Cepogo / Selo
4. A small bus from Pasar Cepogo to Selo.


Darajat Pass Water Park Garut

July 13, 2017

This is a family vacation.

My brother and cousin, they don't go to school because vacation is too long.

Ok guys, they (family) to prepare lunch for there.

At 8:00 am, July 8, 2017, we're going to Darajat Pass Water Park Garut!

From Tasikmalaya city to Garut very near, maybe 4 hours to arrive. huh...

Yeah, we're having some problems in the car. this is happening to take over the first gear when ascend.

I think it's difficult. However, my dad didn't take a gear operand from one of the second to get past the climb.

I forgot maybe 11:36 am we got there. Xd

Darajat pass water park is located

Darajat pass water park is located at Darajat km. 14 Bedeng village Karyamekar Pasirwangi, Garut, West Java Province, Indonesia.

Darajat Pass Garut is a tourist attraction hot waters. Water parks, restaurants, out bound and lodging located in West Garut, 25 KM from Garut City.

This place is surrounded

This place is surrounded by tea gardens, the air is cool, cloudy and hot water. It's fun!

Darajat pass also provides security and comfort for visitors. So, it's perfect for holidays with friends and your family.

Actually in Garut is very much a tourist attraction, such as Mount Cikuray and others. However, this is a family vacation. So I can't go to some places.

Tiket Price Water Park

Weekdays (Monday - Friday)

Child / Adult: IDR 25,000

Weekend (Red dates or holidays, Saturday & Sunday)

3 - 10 Years: IDR 25,000

Above 10 years: IDR 30,000

Don't forget culinary Garut!

I'm not too much time! I just bought a few souvenirs to take home.

my aunt buying

My aunt bought a pack of Dodol Picnic from the center. Because this brand already has a name and taste good.

I hope the owner of the company read it, maybe I'll get for free from him. Lol

South Sulawesi

The Beauty Losari Beach When Twilight

March 15, 2017

Losari beach is located right in the heart of Makassar City and one of the favorite travel.

And dubbed Losari beach with the longest table in the world, because of many stalls that line.

In addition to beautiful scenery, you'll enjoy a unique culinary tour of Makassar.

If payed, always attract attention though not as beautiful the shadow.

But Losari beach will be more beautiful 80% when twilight came. because the sunset view is a familiar thing while on vacation.

Hmm twilight, always interesting to see than the daylight or night. Because, as it implies beauty of its own that difficult to express a word.

For photography lovers

For photography lovers, twilight is the golden time. The Golden color of the background for the ships that move back and forth.

The birds are flying here and further adds to the beauty.

While at another angle we can also enjoy the beauty of building a floating mosque, Mosque Amirul Mu'minin, standing not far from the Home Office of the Mayor of Makassar.

The more nights, the atmosphere in the increasingly crowded Losari.

The traveler who comes from out of town or from abroad will almost certainly take the time to come and enjoy the twilight at Losari.

Culinary Banana Epe in Makassar
Makassar is famous for banana culinary processed. Banana epe made of half-baked plantains roasted on furnaces fire.

Typical is the way of processing, which is clamped between two boards. In the language of Makassar, mepe means flops.

Bananas are clamped

Bananas are clamped inflict dense flavor and crisp, yet still sweet.

The more delicious with the distinctive aroma of burning and tanned color.

Banana epe is generally served on a plate with spray thick sauce.

Made from a mixture of water, coconut milk, brown sugar, and pandan leaves are boiled until thick and cooked.

Banana epe also got a touch of modification, and vary with different flavours.

Among other things, chocolate, cheese, strawberries, nuts, coconut, or durian. Depending on the taste.

Banana epe will feel more special when enjoyed while sitting facing the sea and enjoying the wind blowing ahead of dusk or night.

To add warmth, you can order a cup of coffee, milk, or sarabba. Guaranteed, become tourist experience that will always make you missed Makassar.

South Sulawesi

Kete Kesu is A Unique Cultural Tourism

February 12, 2017

A village famous for its traditional customs. Currently, Kete Kesu famous for Tongkonan and Toraja tombs.

The location is about 4km to the southeast of Rantepao.

Tongkonan house

Tongkonan house that stood in the tourist area is estimated to be 400 years old.

In this traditional house, travelers can see the shape of the house, Toraja carving, granary, buffalo horn displayed on pole house.

The more buffalo horn is formed.

The higher the level of indigenous peoples. Not just to be visited and seen but you also can learn and know more about Toraja culture.

Tongkonan house is located in this area built by Puang Ri Kesu and inherited for relatives.

Until now, the descendants of Puang Ri Kesu still maintain and preserve traditional houses.

This complex became a cultural heritage and is sometimes used as a traditional funeral ceremony.

Kete Kesu in the eyes of the world is a complete portrait of a megalithic culture in North Toraja Regency.

Various souvenirs with typical Toraja carvings to take home as souvenirs are also available at the region's attractions.

There were trays, coasters, bracelets, necklaces, sculptures, wall hangings and paintings.

Green rice field hill fresh air also will increase the enjoyment of your holiday with family or friends.

You can also take pictures and see for yourself how the rich culture of the Toraja people.

Don't forget to take pictures with Buffalo Toraja. Black buffalo (regular) or Buffalo mottle.

Funeral in Kete Kesu
Skulls and bones at the cemetery littered Kete Kesu, not victims who die needlessly from Khmer Rouge regime currently in power in Cambodia.

Not a bone

Not a bone from a cadaver that was killed in the 1948 massacre of Jeju in Korea.

This is just one form of funeral or cemetery can be called unique in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi.

Behind exoticism funeral tradition Tana Toraja, Indonesia indeed save the cultural wealth and natural beauty are so outstanding.

Tana Toraja funeral shape is evidence of the rich tradition of the cemetery on the cliff wall or hills can only be found in this area.

History of a tradition can't be separated from the natural geographical conditions surrounding them, as well as Toraja tribe who live in the mountainous region to give birth to a unique form of a funeral like this.

Don't die before to Toraja
Communications manager MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo, Artur Vilalta with his wife Marta Carreras in Kete Kesu when on vacation at the end of July 2015 Toraja ago.
"Don't die before to Toraja". That sayings are heard when trying to convince people to come to Toraja. Why must to Toraja before died? Because storing natural beauty and unique culture are rarely sought after in the world.

Secretly, Communication Manager for Jorge Lorenzo, Artur Vilalta, and his wife Marta Carreras Toraja vacation to end in July 2015 ago. Artur uses the momentum of the summer holidays when Lorenzo breaks MotoGP race. In Indonesia, the week, while the holiday.

Do you ever come here? if not, please visit :)