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Pangandaran beach is popular tourist spot in my hometown (Tasikmalaya), for every big day or weekend people always visit it.

From the outside Tasikmalaya such as in Bandung, Jakarta or outside of West Java also come to Pangandaran.

Usually they use the bus, car or motorcycle. I think better by bus.

Pangandaran beach is located

Pangandaran beach is located in Ciamis, west java, Indonesia.

However is now separated from Ciamis city.

Pangandaran is great place for tourism destination in west java Indonesia and has a variety of fun activities.

For example in west coast. You can swim, travel with a bicycle and others.

The sea water is very clean and many local tourists swim on the beach with their families and watch the sunset.

You can also visit Batu Karas beach for surfing and body rafting at Green Canyon lake.

How to get to Pangandaran Beach

  • From Jakarta. Take a bus at Kampung Rambutan Station, Jakarta to Pangandaran. After that you can walk or use a pedicab.
  • From Bandung. Take a bus BUDIMAN destination Bandung to Pangandaran. if you don't go up with one direction, you will be circling in Tasikmalaya, Banjar or Ciamis.
  • There is a flight Bandung to Pangandaran, by plane Susi Air. Ticket price is only IDR 4.45 one way, travel time just 40 minutes when boarding a plane. or
  • You can also use tour and travel services to Pangandaran.

A place to visit in Pangandaran

Pananjung Beach
The stretch soft white sandy beach and coral reefs are beautiful to be a powerful magnetic to visit.

Pananjung beach is located

Pananjung beach is located on west of Pangandaran with waves that are not so great and it's suitable for those who want to play around the beach.

And here is Pangandaran nature reserve

And here is Pangandaran nature reserve and national park, so you can see some animals are protected by the government such as monkey, deer.

There is also a cave Pananjung natural and artificial.

The cave that is homemade from the colonial period, during World War II and used a the bastion of defense for a variety of purposes.

Also, there is one of the more amazing. The waterfall which is located not far from the coast but we have to climb the hill.

After arriving, we can see over the peak of a mountain waterfall and the horizon that is often a lot of tourists who camped in this place.

East Coast
East Coast is famous for culinary. Of course, special menus provided in the form of a variety of dishes seafood is delicious.

On east coast, you'll enjoy a variety of seafood. And also famous fish market.

There's been a lot of buying and selling fish, mainly fish the sea of fishermen around. Travelers can shop in this place.

On southern, there is fish market fresh, you can buy fresh fish from fishermen.

The east coast is place to jet skis and banana boat certainly a good way to relieve stress and refresh your mood.


See Pangandaran taken from Google Map.

Ticket Price

The price isn't too expensive is always interesting visitors.
  • Pedestrian 1 Person IDR 5800
  • Motorcycles IDR 13,500
  • Vehicles Type Jeep IDR 34.000
  • Vehicle Type Carry IDR 65.000
  • Large Passenger Vehicle IDR 93.000
  • Small Bus IDR 122.000
  • Medium Bus IDR 186.000
  • Large Bus IDR 307.000

Pangandaran Accommodation

Pangandaran beach hotel also a relatively cheap price. Depending on our own choosing the hotels in Pangandaran.

Where's to Shopping Souvenir?

Most of the region provides a variety of souvenir typical to take home.
Like food, clothing

Like food, clothing, miniature, handicraft, and others. This may be useful to complete your collection or as decoration.

There are some options to be able to buy souvenirs. It will take advantage of the sea.

Seafood, most of the livelihoods of locals resident is to be fishermen. The food fresh ocean still easily get in here.

fish, shrimp, crabs, squid, and so forth. To be able to buy a variety of seafood, you can get along the East Coast.

Every morning the merchants hawking food the sea by fishermen on the east coast of the east.

Or go to fish auction in region, order to get type results more diverse sea.

For this type of fish, pomfret become popular. It feels good, Pomfret also quite thick and soft.

Some handicraft of clams and snails. Some are sold units, but a few creations on display. i.e mirror, curtains, and accessories like necklaces and bracelets.

Sellers of this craft can be found in the neighborhood.

It's near the center of the crowd gathering and tourists.

Another product that can be used as a gift. Many peoples who sell types of clothes.

You can buy it all over east coast, west coast, and homes in surrounding areas.

With various type color pictures, style, etc.

They usually start opening up around 10:00 am until night.

But it's different with the fish traders, they would open the goods from dawn until noon.

The Holiday is over! However, I don't go home. But I continued going to Batu Karas Beach and Pangandaran Green Canyon.

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