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After vacation in Batu Karas beach, If there is time, I always visit Green Canyon Pangandaran (Cukang Taneuh) with friends or family before going home.

Maybe Green Canyon in United States it's famous. But it's too far away I think and don't have money to go there. Hehehe...

I love Green Canyon Pangandaran because location near and the cost is quite cheap.

Pangandaran Green Canyon

Pangandaran Green Canyon is located in Kertayasa village, Cijulang, Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia. Not far from Pangandaran beach and Batu Karas beach.

Sundanese usually gives the name Green Canyon Pangandaran as "Cukang Taneuh" or Indonesian means the land bridge.

Because over the valley and ravine Green Canyon there is a bridge of land used by farmers around to get their gardens.

Green Canyon is the flow of river Cijulang through the cave.

This area is flanked by two hills, a lot of rocks and trees.

Everything is like a painting of natural.

To this site, vacationers have to get off at the pier Ciseureuh.

Then be reached by ship available there.

From the dock to location about 3 km, or spend 30-45 minutes.

All the way we're going to pass through the river green. If the flow of hard to pass by boat, now you're there.

The water is so clear.

This is the beginning of exploring the beauty of this attraction.

Tourists can swim up to summit or crawl on the edge of a rock.

There are tire and the life preserver to swim; children 6 years and over is pretty safe to swim by using tires and guided by the owner of the ship hired by.

the river long enough

The river long enough, so that visitors can swim.

If you wanna challenge the adrenaline, you can jump from a large stone with a height of 5m.

Enjoying the beauty of Green Canyon, you have to understand the season in there.

Because the best season to swim in Pangandaran Green Canyon is after the dry season.

If you are vacationing the rainy season, the water will be brown.

Take an umbrella before the rain!

If you wanna go there, must bring enough money, because there is no bank or ATM (Automatic Teller Machine).

Indeed we do. However, far to go to the ATM.

The ship is enough to take you to your destination.

The language and duties were prepared to guide your way.

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