Central Kalimantan

Tanjung Puting National Park is a Protected Nature

October 03, 2015

Travel of nature is a nice ride, because we can interact directly with nature that gives pleasure in it.

I offer you to see the tropical forests of Borneo in National Park area of Tanjung Puting, Central Kalimantan.

It has been an icon of the world for tourists. Here you'll also see orangutans in the natural habitat.

In the presence of orangutans

The presence of orangutan, both in the wild and in a rehabilitation center.

orangutans are an endangered species, making this animals as a tourist attraction.

In addition to see orangutans, tourists can also pay attention to the behavior and good life that were still benign (almost) and really wild.

Tanjung Puting National Park has been crowned as the conservation of flora and fauna, especially for a tour of orangutans in Kalimantan.

As the conservation of flora and fauna is an ecosystem that is unique. And it has a wide range of interesting places for tourists to see the beauty of nature, especially tourism the orangutan.

Now be developed as a tourist destination Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan.

More than 600 species of trees, 200 species of orchids, 250 species of birds, 28 species of mammals, nine primate species that lived here.

Types Monkey at Tanjung Puting National Park

  1. Proboscis monkey (Nasalis larvatus)
  2. Agile Gibbon (Hylobates agilis)
  3. Presbytis rubicunda
  4. Silver Langur (Presbytis Cristata)
  5. Macaca fascicularis and
  6. Macaca Nemestriana
How to go to National Park, you'll go through a river which will be passed for about 3.5 hours by boat / klotok in the river, and you'll enjoy the interesting scenery.

This is home to many unique species animal.

Orangutan of Kalimantan have hair red and dark. As we get older, mature men, develop the cheek to form a pillow. Pillow cheeks a bigger and bigger so that his face seem sad

There are also several places you can visit

There are also several places you can visit

Cape of Good Hope and the Village Sekonyer
Located in the development, the area is perfect for ecotourism, it is equipped with information center, guest house, tower.

You'll see orangutans eating in the afternoon. (90 minutes from Kumai by boat).

Pesalat reforestation area
This is a specefic to greening in a zone that is means.

This is the guest are given and adopt a tree that has been provided and will put their names in front of the tree, every visitor to plant trees in this area.

Pesalat the conservation of education center and a camping ground. (20 minutes from Cape of Good Hope by boat).

Cottage Tanggui
Still in the development zone of special National Park. Tanggui cottage is special for children and rehabilitation of the orangutan.

The orangutan rehabilitation center offers an orangutan feeding program at 9 am. (1hour from Pesalat by boat)

Camp Leake
Camp is located in a special development and famous as the research center for orangutan and a rehabilitation.

This place is highly recommended and should visit if there are those who want see wild orangutans and a half wild and feed. (1hours from cottage Tanggui by boat).

Great reed and reed Small River
There are two calm river water and not contaminated by the lake, in the middle of this river that makes migratory birds breed. These river can be reached by klotok after 3 hour journey.

Branch river
River Region Branch is the development of traditional offers beautiful beach and fishing.

The white sand with a breeding ground for turtles.

Enjoy the evening in the river Sekonyer to see the fireflies out there among the leaves, gleaming in the dark like flies in the starlight.

East Kalimantan

Derawan Island is a Paradise Diving in East Kalimantan

August 24, 2015

A long weekend is awaited by everyone.

The flurry in workplace tend to be stressful. And anyone wants to looking for a vacation with a relaxed atmosphere and calm.

The beach is always option the best (I think).


Indonesia has a lot of paradise for the beach lovers, natural, snorkeling and scuba divers. Such as Wakatobi in Southeast Sulawesi, Karimunjawa, Raja Ampat and others.

I call heaven because the beauty of nature can't be expressed with a word.

We'll just take a look and say "Wow! It's really incredible!"

The tour has been attracting tourist from various countries. In fact, they also know about the beauty of Derawan islands.

Derawan islands is located

Derawan islands is located in Berau, East Kalimantan.

The beauty of sea not only in Derawan, but also surrounding areas. Such as Maratua, Sangalaki and Kakaban.

They call it "The 2nd Raja Ampat". Because on this island a lot species coral reefs.

Clear water makes diving

Clear water makes diving and snorkeling much more fun.

Body Derawan is the home of giant turtle.

From the dock we can see turtles, back and forth to find food.


Including the best diving

Including the best diving destination in the world.

The divers call it "Paradise of Diver's". Maybe it describe the beauty of this attraction.

You can see dolphins, turtles, fish, seahorses, stingrays, a jellyfish whitout the smell, and more.

How to reach Derawan Island?

You can make it through two channels.

The first via Berau and second lane via Tarakan.

Hey man, but don't ever try though Tarakan. If only the number people a little bit.


Backpackers through Tarakan is only effective if a big group or with a travel agency.

Because if you already to Tarakan.

You're going to rent a speedboat was quite expensive if only divisible by two people.

So guys, if you wanna travel to Derawan with trip by youself or couples, effective transportation is Berau.

Next, we are leading to the port of Tanjung Batu.

The journey from Kalimarau airport to Tanjung Batu, can also by land.

From airport, please get car rental like avanza, xenia and others.

The trip during two hours. So, get your supplies. If you don't mind, talk to the driver to eat in restaurants on the way.

And from Tanjung Batu, proceed to travel for 30 - 40 minutes to the location.


A lot of places to stay. You can choose cottage or resort.

It's all on yourself. Better save some money your pocket for other things being taken to house.

Have a nice day :)


Holiday with family go to Kijing Beach

July 06, 2015

Kalimantan island have extensive forest and crossed by the equator. Tropical climate with a variety of wildlife and fauna. One of tourist attractions that make the touris or visitors feel comfortable.

Kijing has long been a tourist attraction exellent in Pontianak regency. Attracts touris because of its coastal full of palm trees and white sand.

Kijing beach is located in Mempawah, Pontianak regency, West Kalimantan. Required travel time of about 3 hours from the city of Pontianak, and the beach can already be seen of highway.

The name originated from name Kijing kind of coconut shell are small and hinder.

Before becoming tourism. Kijing beach is a mangrove forest life with various types of marine life such as crabs, clams, and so forth.

Starting from the South to the North are visible only white sand and the shade palm trees as shelter. The atmosphere provides its own beauty.

If the early afternoon and the time setting of the sun on the horizon, giving satisfaction to visitors. 

Road to location

Road to location most of the scenery rice fields owned by local residents. The highway itself is flanked by a beach. On the right is the location of the motorcycle racing track and the full by a row of palm trees.

On the left facing the hill where provided canteen places to eat and drink visitors. Kijing is the natural habitat of mangrove forest with marine fauna such as clams and crabs. 

For tickets go, it is relatively cheap. Facilities are adequate with a few restaurants that are not far.

There is also facility a place worship. If the long holiday, many people flocked spend their time come here.

In Kijing beach there are other tourist attractions named Temajo Island. Can be visited as part-time. That extends from north to south has an area of about twenty hectares. Waves also not too big so that the child ren can play with safe water.