A Million Beauty When Climbing Mount Rinjani

January 12, 2016

Rinjani is located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

The second highest volcano in Indonesia with a height of up to 3.726m above sea level and is located in a latitude of 8º25 'LS and 116º28' BT. Has a beautiful scenery of the other volcanoes in Indonesia and Asia.

There Temperatures average around 20°C and the lowest is 12°C. Strong winds in the usual peak occurred in July and August.

From the slopes and peak of Rinjani we can see Mount Agung in Bali.

There are 3 Gili, that is Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. don't miss the lake Segara Anak and Mount Baru Jari which has a distinctive natural beauty. like the picture below

The lake will be issued

The lake will be issued a color like crystals when irradiated by the sun and a lot of people swimming or bathing in the lake Segara Anak.

maybe able to making face youthful and to cure skin diseases. This myth of people around, I don't know about it. But many people believe the myth that and do these things it.

We can also see the sights were very spacious and most of the island of Lombok is still beautiful and natural.

Because of the beautiful scenery become tourist attraction from within the country and abroad do trekking mount Rinjani.

Toward the peak can be reached from two places that is Senaru door with a height of 600 M above sea level and the door Sembalun "Sembalun Lawang" with a height of 1150 M above sea level. Doors Sembalun more preferably because it is near to the top so they can save energy.

Charm owned believed to be the palace of Queen Jin Dewi Anjani almost perfect.

In addition to having a various of uniqueness.

Rinjani mountain is also rich with various type flora and fauna.

In South and west at an height of 1000-2000 meters overgrown Dysoxylum sp, Pterospermum and Ficus superba.

At a height of 2000-3000 meters many pines grows (Casuarina Junghuhniana). However, at a height of 3,000 meters the poor plants.

Just grass and edelweiss flowers (Anaphalis Javanica) on the eastern side many acacia trees.

Other than that recorded 109 species of birds live. Some of them are of the bird species in Australia, monkey silver from Bali, deer and hedgehog.

Various charms is a magnet capable attract foreign tourists and the archipelago to climb and conquer the mountain that has a height of almost four kilometers it.

The traveler that climb rinjani is a special interest tourists that likes a challenge. If you are interested to camping here, you can feel the coolness at night.. brrrr

Famous travel throughout the world

Famous travel throughout the world with awesome beauty. so, many tourists coming from abroad.

If you don't want to expend too much pocket money, or really want to do a backpacker, you can choose to travel by land with longer travel than air. Maybe by land very good for shooting on the go.

But when it's your time not too much, it may be able to do the air and looking for tickets for a sightseeing trip to Lombok.

Congratulations and enjoy tour in Lombok :)

East Nusa Tenggara

Labuan Bajo Entered The Tunnel of Antiquity

December 03, 2015

Leave footprints in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara such as the time tunnel. Are we going to go back to the past? Haha it's not possible.

Aisle linking the world in ancient times. In that place, the world connected by a society that is harmonious.

Labuan Bajo is located in districts Manggarai Barat, East Nusa Tenggara. one tourist destination that is given priority by the government to be developed.

 When passing on the actual gate entrance

When headed to the komodo national park, a bad feeling about this. Because a lot of the warning to tourists.

They will enter the park, namely place to find of Komodo (animal is an ancient and the only one left behind.). Tourists foreigners call it a dragon.

They're coming from various countries to see animals in the vicinity. you can come here via Denpasar, Bali.

The beauty of Labuan Bajo to National Park Komodo it's amazing. For example, three of the bay can be seen from a height of the hill in Padar island.

Around the port, you'll find plenty ships various types of screens is decorated with the background colors.

Komodo is not just

Komodo is not just a long time ago in flores. There's a cave a rock and cave Liang Bua that is made clear on the ground flores.

Relief of the fossil stone mirror were found by archaeologists Theodore Verhoven. for example, recalled that Labuan Bajo is now at the beach had been a part of the ocean floor.

Flores also the hominids (a hundred years ago.). It can be seen in Liang Bua, about six hour drive from Laboan Bajo.

The ancient remains and also preserved in Wae Rebo (an out village in the foot of the hill Manggarai west).

Conservation of traditional houses in Wae Rebo mbaru niang get the highest award.

Award of Excellence in Conservation Natural Cultural Heritage in 2012, Science and Culture (UNESCO), the Asia Pacific region.

Wae Rebo and also museum alive. In the custom house of Manggarai threatened with extinction, but it's still stand up and become a center of the residents.

The tradition value of heritage survives. They are loyal to take care of the village despite living in isolation.

There are also beaches in Labuan Bajo

Beaches in Labuan Bajo is Pede beach. With walking about thirty minutes from the Bajo fish port.

Pede beach is clean and rarely visited by humans. The ocean waters a clear will make any visitors seemed to have a private beach (dream is this too much).

It's not just Pede beach, there are also some other islands like Angel island, Kanawa island, Serayu island and small islands Kukusan.

There visitors can try the water games such as snorkeling and diving. In the vicinity of Labuan Bajo, there are also beautiful islands are uninhabited.

By hiring a boats, we can visit the small islands. In addition, the islands is also white sand and some of them have the reef.

Note: Tips for visitors who want a trip to Labuan Bajo. don't forget to bring a lotion mosquito repellent, hats and sunglasses. Because in addition to mosquito, of course coastal areas is so hot. If you like it, it doesn't matter.


Kuta Beach Exotic Attract Visitors in The World

October 25, 2015

It is not foreign, because Bali is very famous in the world which is located southern island of the gods.

Kuta is a famous tour in Bali and the mainstay of Bali island as a tourism since 70s.

Another name of kuta beach

Another name of Kuta beach is sunset beach. Because visitors can see the beautiful sunset.

And Sanur beach was so good to see sunrise.

The scenery was beautiful and natural, will make you comfortable here.

In addition, Bali also keeping a culture of ancestor. The second thing this is a magnet for foreign tourists and domestic.

According to others who knew this place, Kuta is heart of Bali island.

White sands with waves a long and very big, tested courage of your current surfing in Bali.

History of Kuta

Before being tourism, kuta is trade. Many traders from the outside doing business transactions in Bali.

In the 19th century, a trader who comes from Denmark named Mads Lange founded trade on the beach. Because cleverness in trade negotiations, Mads Lange well-known among the kings of Bali.

The first time Kuta beach is green turtle and a lot of people don't know. Turtle is almost extinct and become one of the protected species.

Fisheries in green turtle has been transferred to the coast of Tanjung Benoa, if you want to see green turtle, you can visit the island sea turtles in Tanjung Benoa by using glass boat.


For novice surfers, if you want to learn surfing? Many a surfboard with prices vary depending on the great and quality of materials.

Accompanied by professionals that is always prepared to help break up the waves. They will teach you how to use a surfboard that is good and proper.

In addition, you can bask in the sun. At a time like this the condition of beaches filled with tourists.

When dusk arrived

When dusk arrived you'll enjoy the sunset in Kuta beach. Focus your eyes to the west, because every second of sunset goes down will cause light gold that's fascinating.

The sky orange decorated like a natural rhythm of the waves.

Don't forget to capture the beauty of sunset with camera shots you.

Facilities and Hotels

It's a lot of places to you live. Hotel is one of the main business that supports development of tourism industry.

Kuta beach as the famous attractions, widely available accommodations.

There's a cheap and luxurious, and also have a lot places of entertainment. Because a lot of tourists from arround the world come here.

A number areas of entertainment including cafes, bars, nightclub and others. 

If you feel hungry it's time to try culinary in Kuta.

There are many restaurants with special menus of seafood and a fast food restaurant. Some of them are open for 24 hours.

For visitors who have a hobby shop, there are many shops as a souvenir. You'll find plenty of stalls selling handycrafts, accessories, and a variety of clothes.


Senggigi Beach Lombok Holidays Extraordinary

July 16, 2015

Senggigi beach is tourist attractions in Lombok's most popular and famous in the world.

Many traveler after a vacation in Bali, especially Kuta Beach and decide to go on tour to the beach Senggigi Lombok.

And Many say that Senggigi is a very beautiful like heaven on earth.

There are many activity

There's a lot activity that can be done by traveler.

In region Senggigi have built up a lot of hotels and restaurants.

a traveler said "the beach is calm than in Bali, which incidentally has a atmosphere fairly suffocating when viewed from the many visitor."


Snorkeling is an activity which is quite popular. You can see the naturalness of the coral reefs that are maintained.

And its very familiar by local tourists and foreign tourists.

So, not only see the sights on the ground, but can also see how the beauty of the underwater.

If you are not skilled, Snorkeling be guided directly by experts. Relax guys..

A good idea to help you learn snorkeling is with friends or family that was an experts.


In addition to snorkeling, if you can surf. You can use skills and a suitable place to surf in the southern coast.

Because that wave of there can be regarded as great and fit to surf.

Relax guys, for you don't take the surfboard, because there are a lot of a surfboard rental.

In addition to surfing, you can berkano, swimming, fishing, and a lot of activity that you can try.

Plus the beautiful scenery that makes your vacation will be more memorable.

Looking at Sunset

If you are satisfied with the number of activities ranging from morning till daylight.

You can take the time to see the sunset directly in Senggigi.

The sky changing colors orange, and the ball of the sun that looks beautiful and charming.

Which makes it more

Which makes it more special is the emergence of Mount Agung in Bali that looks as black as a big pyramid towering at the end of our vision.

When viewed closely, Mount Agung is seen floating expanse of sea island of Lombok. You'll be amazed to see the sunset directly.


All facilities are complete in Senggigi beach lombok. Enjoy stays with the addition of accommodation and hotels, other facilities such as restaurants, cafe, pub, live music is available.

And also local food vendors. The food from foreign countries also there, such as Alberto cafe which is famous for its pizza.

You can also buy souvenirs typical of Lombok

1.Dodol Seaweed

This souvenir Mandatory food from Lombok. Dodol is a common food, but not as usual. Dodol seaweed fresh and sweet.

Dodol seaweed, there are various flavors fruit, such as jackfruit, mango and soursop.

Dodol seaweed sweet and chewy. Like eating jelly fruit. Not only fruit flavors, there is also a sense of vegetables and corn.

Dodol seaweed can be purchased at one of the popular places to get it is in Phoenix Food located in Cakranegara.

2.Honey Sumbawa 

Sumbawa is one of the best honey producers in Indonesia. You can get it here.

There are two types of honey, honey yellow brown and honey white from the bees.

Honey Sumbawa are believed to increase the immune system and treat various diseases. White honey believed to cure hysteria.

Honey is very easy to get. In food shops such as Phoenix or in the souvenir center Cilinaya region.

3.Embrocation Sumbawa

It's a gift fit for a parent or grandparent, but it could be to yourself when tired finished work.

This oil warm and smell typical to cure aches, sprains, alleviate the suffering of arthritis and other muscle diseases.

Can be found at many places Cakranaegara region and Cilinaya.

4.Pearl Necklace

Pearl souvenirs most luxurious. You have to dig deeper pockets to be able to afford it.

Available colored black pearl bracelet and white.

Cheap or expensive depending on the size. Pearl necklace also available, but the most expensive is the ring. 

5.Sasak Cloth

For fans of fashion made of cloth nusantara, these items mandatory purchased.

Cloth Sasak available in various price options. Increasingly smooth and good motives, more expensive price.

Other hand weaving with gold threads on sale at higher prices.

Not all the cloth must be purchased in the form material.

Cloth can be purchased in the form of a shirt and in the form of scarves or pasmina.

There are also shaped sheath.