South Sulawesi

The Beauty Losari Beach When Twilight

March 15, 2017

Losari beach is located right in the heart of Makassar City and one of the favorite travel.

And dubbed the beach Losari with the longest table in the world, because many stalls that lined.

In addition to beautiful scenery, you'll enjoy a unique culinary tour of Makassar.

If payed, always attract attention though not as beautiful the shadow.

But Losari beach will be more beautiful 80% when twilight came. because the sunset view is a familiar thing while on vacation.


Hmm twilight, always interesting to see than the daylight or night. Because, as it implies beauty of its own that difficult to express a word.

For photography lovers

For photography lovers, twilight is the golden time. Golden color of the background for the ships that move back and forth.

The birds are flying here and further adds to the beauty.

While at another angle we can also enjoy the beauty of building a floating mosque, Mosque Amirul Mu'minin, standing not far from the Home Office of the Mayor of Makassar.

The more nights, the atmosphere in the increasingly crowded Losari.

The traveler who come from out of town or from abroad will almost certainly took time to come and enjoy the twilight at Losari.

Culinary Banana Epe in Makassar

Makassar is famous for banana culinary processed. Banana epe made of half-baked plantains roasted on furnaces fire.

Typical is the way of processing, which is clamped between two boards. In the language of Makassar, mepe means flops.

Bananas are clamped

Bananas are clamped inflict dense flavor and crisp, yet still sweet.

The more delicious with the distinctive aroma of burning and tanned colour.

Banana epe is generally served on a plate with spray thick sauce.

Made from a mixture of water, coconut milk, brown sugar, and pandan leaves are boiled until thick and cooked.

Banana epe also got a touch of modification, and vary with different flavours.

Among other things, chocolate, cheese, strawberries, nuts, coconut, or durian. Depending on the taste.

Banana epe will feel more special when enjoyed while sitting facing the sea and enjoying the wind blowing ahead of dusk or night.

To add warmth, you can order a cup of coffee, milk, or sarabba. Guaranteed, become tourist experience that will always make you missed Makassar.

South Sulawesi

Kete Kesu is A Unique Cultural Tourism

February 12, 2017

A village famous for its traditional customs. Currently, Kete Kesu famous for tongkonan and tombs Toraja.

The location is approximately 4km to the southeast of Rantepao.

Tongkonan house

Tongkonan house standing in this tourism area was estimated to be 400 years old.

In this traditional house, travelers can see the shape of the house, carvings Toraja, granary, buffalo horn terpapang row in pole home.

The more the composed buffalo horn, the higher the degree of social residents are indigenous. Not just to visit and see but you can also learn and know more about the culture of Toraja.

Tongkonan house located in the region founded by Puang Ri Kesu and inherited to his relatives.

Until now, the descendants of Puang Ri Kesu still maintain and preserve the traditional houses.

This complex became a cultural heritage and is sometimes used as a traditional funeral ceremony.

Kete Kesu in the eyes of the world is a complete portrait of megalithic culture in North Toraja regency.

Various souvenirs with typical Toraja carvings to take home as souvenirs are also available at the region's attractions.

There were trays, coasters, bracelets, necklaces, sculptures, wall hangings and paintings.

Green rice field hill fresh air also will increase the enjoyment of your holiday with family or friends.

You can also take pictures and see for yourself how the rich culture of the Toraja people.

Don't forget to take pictures with buffalo Toraja. Black buffalo (regular) or buffalo mottle.

Funeral in Kete Kesu

Skulls and bones at the cemetery littered kete Kesu not victims who die needlessly from Khmer Rouge regime currently in power in Cambodia.

Not a bone

Not a bone from a cadaver that was killed in the 1948 massacre of Jeju in Korea.

This is just one form of funeral or cemetery can be called unique in Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi.

Behind exoticism funeral tradition Tana Toraja, Indonesia indeed save the cultural wealth and natural beauty are so outstanding.

Tana Toraja funeral shape is evidence of the rich tradition of the cemetery on the cliff wall or hills can only be found in this area.

History of a tradition can't be separated from the natural geographical conditions surrounding them, as well as Toraja tribe who live in the mountainous region to give birth to a unique form of funeral like this.

Don't die before to Toraja
Communications manager MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo, Artur Vilalta with his wife Marta Carreras in Kete Kesu when on vacation at the end of July 2015 Toraja ago.
"Don't die before to Toraja". That sayings is heard when trying to convince people to come to Toraja. Why must to Toraja before died? Because storing natural beauty and unique culture are rarely sought after in the world.

Secretly, Communication Manager for Jorge Lorenzo, Artur Vilalta and his wife Marta Carreras Toraja vacation to end in July 2015 ago. Artur use the momentum of the summer holidays when Lozenzo istrirahat MotoGP race. In Indonesia the week, while the holiday.

Do you ever come here? if not, please visit :)

South Sulawesi

The Beauty of White Sand Beach Tanjung Bira, Bulukumba

August 20, 2015

The beauty and convenience of Tanjung Bira beach will not let you down.

The natural white sand is beautiful.

It is so amazing!

Refined flour and blue sea that allow us to see the reef is clear.

Maybe that's what makes foreign tourists to visit.

And they basked in the hot sun.

The color contrast white sand

The color contrast white sand and sky blue merged into dimension of integrated.

The cliffs on the rocks look and if it's not going up.

You can along the line the beach while enjoying the waves. The sand that look like they wouldn't let go of it.

Walk on the edge of the sea!

In addation, the seaweed could be clearly seen. The island Liukang Loe extends far across the sea.

Tanjung Bira beach is located in the district Bontobahari, Bulukumba didtricts, South Sulawesi.

More than 40 km of Bulukumba. Or 200 km from Makassar.

The trip taken 3 - 4 hours from the city of Makassar. Even more.

You can do a variety of activities such as swimming, diving and snorkeling.

Snorkeling on Liukang Loe island and Goat Island Bulukumba

Raja Ampat and Wakatobi is a destination tourist attraction the underwater world.

However, if you on vacation Makassar. Liukang Loe island and Goat is highly recomended to you.

Island Liukang Loe located

Island Liukang Loe located front of the beach Bira. By using a boat,  it only takes 15 - 30 minutes to get there.

while the island Goat located

While the island Goat located adjacent to the Liukang. And well-known as a place to dive.

Snorkeling is usually near the cliff with a dept of the not too deply.

The view at the bottom is awesome!

It's colorful but the flow of it pretty tough so often drifted on the surface.

so be careful

So be careful if you wanna snorkeling. :)

The body so tired because we have to defend themselves so as not with the flow.

Enjoy the ambiance Port Bira

Go to the port doesn't mean to cross to destination.

But if you have an idea, the port could be an alternative tourist destinations.

Can you see passengers congregate, lined up a boat that rested?

At the Port Bira

In the seaport Bira can see a fishing boats was stranded. Some of the ship is still worth also lined up neatly in the other corner the port.

Purpose ships to Labuan Bajo also anchored here.

If you love photography, it's really nice to take a picture.

Start of the landscape, sea transport and the culture. Don't forget to bring a camera to record every show.


Cuisine Restaurant on Bulukumba are no different from culinary Bugis and Makassar.

The visitors can enjoy a menu of seafood is served in some food stalls.

Roasted corn is the typical culinary. You can present it as a souvenirs.

while traveling from makassar

While traveling from Makassar to Tana Toraja. You can visit Jenneponto to enjoy Soup Konro.

Facilities & Accommodation

The facility provides equipment diving rentals, the bathroom, hiring a bike, and the ferry used to transport tourists.

The accommodation, consisting of the villa, bungalow and hotel. The price varies depending on facilities and location.

I realize that God creation is extradionary. However, time so fast. I have to get out of tourism and bring a myriad of stories.