The Beauty of Small Island Sipora for Surfers

September 24, 2015

Sipora Island is a very strategic small islands of four islands in Metawai, West Sumatra.

Sipora island is in the middle between Pagai and Siberut islands.

The territory are convered
pic by gabyspinola
The territory are covered by forest is home to millions of living beings.

These tours has been growing rapidly and became an attraction for local and foreign to surfing. The people here as farmers and fishermen.

How to get to this island, you can use a small plane. Because it has a very small airport.

Can also use a speed boat which is the main vehicle on this island.

On this island, tourists can choose various kinds of waves, because this island have 4 kinds of waves that are challenging.

The Surgeon Table, waves like one of those surfers who was appointed to the top of the waves.

There is also Lance's Left, is the most powerful and consistent on this island and surroundings areas.

The telescopes, is a very long wave type, Semi Hollow (waves rolling with a hole in the middle) and almost perfect for surfers.

Surfers actknowledge that telescopes is the best wave in Indonesia and is suitable for surfers in normal ranks.

There is also a Scrarecrows waves, with the take off zone shape the left wall of the rolling waves quickly.

Activity on the island of Sipora

You can do various activities such as surf, swimming, snorkeling and diving. The island is a beautiful surf spot, the most appropriate choice for professional surfers or beginner.

To stay on this island

To stay on this island, there are selection of places to stay. If visitors want, they can choose home for rent.

North Sumatra

The Beauty of Lake Toba Attractions in Indonesia

August 17, 2015

Who's not familiar with the Lake Toba attactions?

Lake of the largest in Indonesia even in Southeast Asia and the legend is very famous.

Lake Toba is a lake of which is formed from the eruption mount Merapi.

Located in North Sumatra is one of the most beautiful volcanic lake owned by Indonesia.

Toba is very beautiful

Toba is very beautiful, breathtaking scenery make many people visit it.

Surrounded by pine forests, some waterfalls and or bath warm water in the forests.

The air's cool to make you feel comfortable.

The toba is different from the lake in Indonesia. Because in the middle, there is an island named Samosir island.

The island surrounded by lakes and has a thousand beauty.

From the Three Kings in Parapat, cross over to Samosir island, using wooden boat that operates on the hour.

It's a 30 minutes. The wooden boat has arrived at the Hotel, Chalet or Guest House.

I'm sure, anyone will feel satisfied to stay there. Because the price of hotel quite inexpensive and directly overlooking lake.

Many a wide range options, they make to Guest House like a house of Batak.

What's the thing to do for in the lake toba?

It's a good question!

I'm gonna make you to run out energy and forget all the sad memories.

On this island there are two villages visited by many tourists, namely Tomok and Tuk-tuk.

Tomok is a village

Tomok is a village which has many interesting sights such as the tomb of King Sidabutar, Batak Museum and the puppet dance performances Sigale-gale popular.

And Tuk-tuk is a village where there are many inns for travelers.

Batak people that live here, they say not just the natural attractions that have incredible beauty.

They believe that the Lake Toba became a goddess stay seven Batak or commonly referred to Namborru.

Every time will do activities around the lake, the communities will pray and ask for permission beforehand to get a blessing and events to run smoothly.

If only stay at the hotel and play with smartphones, it was so boring.

This is vacation! Come on, we wandered around tourist attractions.

Resort Park Simalem

The resort is located

The resort is located on the highway Merek Sidikalang, North Sumatra.

Have a really pretty scenery and facilities.

This place is one that matches to stay if you visit.

Niagara Binangalom

Do you like nature?

The waterfall is unique

The waterfall is unique because water pipes into the lake.

Located in the village Lumban. Binangalom, the Toba Samosir.

Can you swim under waterfalls and enjoy the blow falls.


There are a lot of the souvenirs are selling cloth Ulos, guitar Batak, T-shirts, key chains and various souvenirs.

This type of these items can be found on the island Samosir, Parapat, Balige and other places.

Banda Aceh

The Beauty of Iboih Beach Weh Island

June 21, 2015

Iboih very popular in the island of Sumatra. Iboih known Teupin Layeu is located in the west side of the Weh Island, North Aceh.
The beach is very impressed with the beauty that can be enjoyed without having to swim.

Sea water like crystal make a boat on the beach will be seen flying in on the reef. hmm

You can dive and snorkeling

You can dive and snorkeling, because they have waves of the sea.

The traveler can enjoy the diversity of the underwater with various type fish and coral reefs.  

You can also enjoy the beauty of the volcano under the sea surface. Is this really beautiful?

If you don't bring snorkeling equipment, dont worry! Because there are rental equipment you need.

It's perfect for refreshing

It's perfect for refreshing the mind. Beacuse make the atmosphere was calm and peaceful.

If you want to feel the serenity to watch the sunrise and sunset, with your family can rent a cottage around.

It's on the way to the beach Iboih

Visit to Iboih Beach, starting from Ulee Lheue, Nanggroe Aceh Darusalam.

After arriving there, you can use the ferry to go to the port Balohan, Sabang.

Arriving at the Port Balohan, you can use public transportation to get to destination.

Adventure clear sea and also offers woods that attract traveler. There are many species type's that inhabiting the forest.

Recreation forest located adjacent to Rubiah Marine Park.

This forest is very dense and also protected as a nature reserve on Weh island.

A bit difficult to walk, traveler are encouraged to explore with intructions.

This forest is home various species of animals that is out there.

See wild monkeys, all kinds of small and big reptiles, and various types of colored birds.

When twilight, hordes of boar and giant bat are a definite sight.


Lodging and food is available in the village. Some of facilities and accomodation is lodging with style bungalow, worship place, toilet, equipment rental snorkeling and diving (dive shop) and a souvenir shop.