West Java

Darajat Pass Water Park Garut

July 13, 2017

This is a family vacation.

My brother and cousin, they don't go to school because vacation is too long.

Ok guys, they (family) to prepare lunch for there.

At 8:00 am, July 8, 2017, we go to Darajat Pass water park Garut!

From Tasikmalaya city to Garut very near, maybe 4 hours to arrive. huh...

Yeah, we're having some problems in the car. this is happening to take over the first gear when ascend.

I think it's difficult. However, my dad didn't take a gear operand from one of the second to get past the climb.

I forgot maybe 11:36 am we got there. Xd

Darajat pass water park is located

Darajat pass water park is located on Darajat road km. 14 Bedeng village Karyamekar Pasirwangi District Garut West Java Province, Indonesia.

Darajat Pass Garut is a tourist attraction hot waters, water parks, restaurants, out bound and lodging located in West Garut, 25 KM from Garut City.

This place is surrounded

This place is surrounded by tea gardens, the air is cool, cloudy and hot water. It's fun!

Darajat pass water park also provides security and comfort for visitors. So, it's perfect for holidays with friends and your family.

Actually in Garut is very much a tourist attraction, such as Mount Cikuray and others. However, this is a family vacation. So I can't go to some places.

Don't forget culinary Garut!

I'm not too much time! I just bought a few souvenirs to take home.

my aunt buying

My aunt bought a pack of dodol picnic from the center. Because this brand already has a name and taste good.

I hope the owner of the company read it, maybe I'll get for free from him. Lol

Admission Price Darajat Pass Water Park

Weekdays (Monday - Friday)

Child / Adult: IDR 25,000

Weekend (Red dates or holidays, Saturday & Sunday)

3 - 10 Years: IDR 25,000

Above 10 years: IDR 30,000


Karang Tawulan Beach Cheap Holidays to Enjoy The Waves

September 04, 2015

After traveling from Batu Karas beach and Pangandaran beach. I and my friends always visit Karang Tawulan to add vacations moment.

Enjoying the beauty of the sea and waves that hit the reef.

Everyone who visited would be impressed. And also very suitable for wedding photos.

Karang Tawulan beach is located
(on this beach ever happens Ultraman fight against Monsters)
Karang Tawulan beach is located in Cimanuk village, district Cikalong, Tasikmalaya city, west java.

In this place, I'm walking down the street that borders on the beach and along the way see the waves rumble.

Rock in the middle of the ocean and creating admired by the travelers.

The atmosphere Karang Tawulan is still very natural and the wind blew hard.


There is a toilet in the main area, stalls food is cheap and also parking lot is large enough.

If you've been down the beach to every corner and feel tired, try a break there.

Tickets price to Karang Tawulan very cheap. IDR 2000 - 3000/person.

Route from Pangandaran or Batu Karas

From Pangandaran, you can discuss with a travel agency or ask the bus driver to stop here.

Because traveler from Pangandaran usually Banjar as an alternative. It's a city you can't find tourist attractions.

And from Batu Karas, take alternative routes to Tasikmalaya (Cikalong Cimanuk Village).


    Swimming in The Lake of Green Canyon Pangandaran

    August 13, 2015

    After the vacation in Batu Karas beach. If there is time, I always visit this place with friends or family before going home.

    Maybe Green Canyon in the United States it's famous, but it's too far away I think and don't have money to go there. Hehehe.

    I prefer Green Canyon Pangandaran. The location near and the cost is quite cheap.

    Green Canyon Pangandaran is located in the village of Kertayasa District Cijulang, Ciamis. Not far from Pangandran beach and Batu Karas beach.

    Sundanese people usually

    Sundanese usually gives the name Green Canyon Pangandaran as "Cukang Taneuh" or in Indonesian which means the land bridge.

    Because over the valley and ravine Green Canyon there is a bridge of land used by farmers around to get their gardens.

    Green Canyon is the flow of river Cijulang through the cave.

    This area is flanked by two hills, a lot of rocks and trees.

    Everything is like a painting of natural.

    To this site, vacationers have to get off at the pier Ciseureuh.

    Then be reached by ship available there.

    From the dock to the location vicinity of 3km, or spend 30-45 minutes.

    All the way we're going to pass through the river green. If the flow of hard to pass by boat, now you're there.

    The water is so clear.

    This is the beginning of exploring the beauty of this attraction.

    Tourists can swim up to the summit or crawl on the edge of a rock.

    There are tire and the life preserver to swim; children 6 years and over is pretty safe to swim by using tires and guided by the owner of the ship hired by.

    The river long enough

    The river long enough, so that visitors can swim.

    If you wanna challenge the adrenaline, you can jump from a large stone with a height of 5m.

    Enjoying the beauty of Green Canyon Pangandaran, you have to understand the season in there.

    Because the best season to swim in Green Canyon Pangandaran is after the dry season.

    If you are vacationing the rainy season, the water will be brown.

    Take an umbrella before the rain!

    If you wanna go there, must bring enough money, because there is no bank or ATM (Automatic Teller Machine).

    Indeed we do. However, far to go to the ATM.

    The ship is enough to take you to your destination.

    The language and duties were prepared to guide your way.


    Batu Karas Beach is Suitable for Learning to Surf

    June 12, 2015

    When I spent time on vacation in Pangandaran Beach.  I always come to Batu Karas beach.

    Do I have to slam my bones? This is a big day from my boss.

    This place is not too far from Pangandaran.

    Even less, if not jammed.

    Along the way, you'll see a stream the lake of Green Canyon.

    Batu Karas beach is located

    Batu Karas beach is located in a village, District Cijulang. The distance is 34 km from Pangandaran.

    Maybe about an hour and a half, I get there.

    Batu Karas beach often used to surf because I saw them from the top of a hill sleep on the surfboard.

    It's interesting.

    The surfer professionals are very easy to conquer the waves are benign.

    It's popular among surfers local or international. So it's not strange if many travelers come here.

    The Atmosphere is very calm and becomes the main purpose traveled.

    Game Water Sport

    Not only be enjoyed by surfers. There are interesting activities.

    Like Jetsky, banana boat, donut boat, and others.

    Batu Karas beach

    Batu Karas beach can be enjoyed by anyone, exotic, enough to fill the weekend.

    Batu Karas Map

    Taken from google map

    Batu Karas Ticket Price

    • Pedestrian 1 Person IDR 5800
    • Motorcycles IDR 13,500
    • Vehicles Type Jeep IDR 34.000
    • Vehicle Type Carry IDR 65.000
    • Large Passenger Vehicle IDR 93.000
    • Small Bus IDR 122.000
    • Medium Bus IDR 186.000
    • Large Bus IDR 307.000


    Have a lot of restaurants that serve seafood and food like Sheep's stomach rolls or western food.

    But I chose to order fish by fishermen. It's so big, especially if you that burns are cooking.


    A number of hotels are sufficient to accommodate traveler. You can also find a new atmosphere to renting a home's resident.

    However, I prefer to take the tent and make camp.

    Enjoying the waves hit coral and night breeze in my body.

    I rushed to make a campfire and I put a stick of small fish in it that has been sprinkled The oyster sauce.

    We told silly stories, uh, a glass of beer is complimentary.


    The Beauty of Pangandaran Beach Interesting Visitors

    June 09, 2015

    Pangandaran is popular tourist site in my city (Tasikmalaya) and surrounding areas, because of every great day or weekend, people always come to vacation there.

    The price isn't too expensive is always interesting visitors arrived hither.

    From the outside, Tasikmalaya, such as in Bandung, Jakarta or outside of West Java's also coming.

    Usually, they use the bus, car or motorcycle. I think better by bus.

    Because you just sit, listen to music and fell asleep. When your eyes open, you've arrived at the site.

    pangandaran beach located

    Pangandaran beach located in Ciamis, west java.

    Very good for the purpose of tourism in the West Java Indonesia and had various fun activities.

    for example, in the west coast, you can swim, tour with a bicycle and others.

    Pangandaran beach has clean water. So, activities such as swimming are the best choice.

    Every tourist attraction would have places to look the beauty.

    Ok guys, do you like adventure? I'll take you get lost in a maze.

    Pananjung Beach

    The stretch of soft white sand and coral reefs are beautiful to be a powerful magnetic to visit.

    Pananjung Located

    Pananjung Located on the west coast with waves that are not so great and it's suitable for those who want to play on the beach.

    And here is a nature reserve

    And here is a nature reserve, so you can see some animals are protected by the government.

    There is also a cave Pananjung natural and artificial.

    The cave that is homemade from the colonial period, during World War II and used a the bastion of defense for a variety of purposes.

    Also, there is one of the more amazing. The waterfall which is located not far from the coast but we have to climb the hill.

    After arriving, we can see over the peak of a mountain waterfall and the horizon that is often a lot of tourists who camped in this place.

    East Coast

    East Coast is famous for culinary. Of course, special menus provided in the form of a variety of dishes seafood is delicious.

    In the east coast, you'll enjoy a variety of seafood. And also the famous fish market.

    There's been a lot of buying and selling fish, mainly fish the sea of fishermen around. Travelers can shop in this place.

    In the southern hemisphere, there is the market fresh fish where you can buy fresh fish from fishermen.

    The east coast is the place to jet skis and banana boat certainly a good way to relieve stress and refresh your mood.

    Pangandaran beach map

    Taken from google map

    Pangandaran Beach Ticket Price

    • Pedestrian 1 Person IDR 5800
    • Motorcycles IDR 13,500
    • Vehicles Type Jeep IDR 34.000
    • Vehicle Type Carry IDR 65.000
    • Large Passenger Vehicle IDR 93.000
    • Small Bus IDR 122.000
    • Medium Bus IDR 186.000
    • Large Bus IDR 307.000


    Hotels Pangandaran beach also a relatively cheap price. Depending on our own choosing the hotels.

    Where's to Shopping Souvenir?
    Most of the region provides a variety of souvenir typical to take home.
    Like food, clothing

    Like food, clothing, miniature, handicraft, and others. This may be useful to complete your collection or as decoration.

    There are some options to be able to buy souvenirs. It will take advantage of the sea.

    Seafood, most of the livelihoods of locals resident is to be fishermen. The food fresh ocean still easily get in here.

    fish, shrimp, crabs, squid, and so forth. To be able to buy a variety of seafood, you can get along the East Coast.

    Every morning the merchants hawking food the sea by fishermen on the east coast of the east.

    Or go to the fish auction in the region in order to get this type of results are the more diverse sea.

    For this type of fish, pomfret become popular. It feels good, Pomfret also quite thick and soft.

    Some craft made of clams and snails. Some are sold units, but a few creations on display, the mirror, curtains, and accessories like necklaces and bracelets.

    Sellers of this craft can be found in the neighborhood.

    It's near the center of the crowd gathering and tourists.

    Another product that can be used as a gift. Many peoples who sell types of clothes nuanced Pangandaran beach.

    You can buy it all over the East Coast, the west coast, and homes in surrounding areas.

    With the various type of color pictures, style and labeled "Pangandaran"

    They usually start opening up around 10:00 am until night.

    But it's different with the fish traders, they would open the goods from dawn until noon.

    The Holiday is over! However, I don't go home. But I continued going to Batu Karas Beach and Green Canyon Pangandaran.