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Batu Karas beach attractions is a natural blend of Pangandaran and Batu Hiu with a calm natural life and one of the perfect place to surf in West Java, Indonesia.

The beach is very clean with bigger waves. Batukaras Beach is very popular among national and international surfers.

The dry season is perfect season for you who want to learn to surf and have a hobby.

The environment is not noisy to be the main destination of your vacation if compared with Pangandaran.

Batu Karas beach is located

Batu Karas beach is located in the village, Cijulang, Pangandaran, West Java Province, Indonesia. Approximately 12 km from Green Canyon and 34 km from Pangandaran, from Green Canyon can be reached about 15 minutes drive by land.

There are three surf places commonly known among surfers are Coral, Legok Pari and Bulak Bendak. Legok Pari is the most favorite surfing spot for beginners because it is safe and the waves are not too high.

For professional surfers to choose Bulak Bendak as their favorite place, the ocean waves create long and tall walls.

How to get to Batu Karas Beach?

from Bandung to Batu Karas, take Budiman bus, Bandung destination to Pangandaran. if you don't go one way, you will be circling in Tasikmalaya, Banjar, Pangandaran.

there is a flight Bandung to Pangandaran with Susi Air plane. ticket price is only IDR 445000 one way, travel time is only 40 minutes.

Note: if you arrive at Pangandaran station use transport to Cijulang. and then, take a motorcycle taxi.

Along the way before heading for the destination. You will see the sharks of Batu Hiu and Lake Green Canyon Pangandaran.

Want to get better? You can use the services of a travel agent.

Game Water Sport

Batu Karas not only can be enjoyed by surfing, there is still a variety of interesting activities here such as jetsky, banana boat, body board of interest to local tourists. You can play canoeing at Nusawiru Mangrove or wander by boat to Karang Nunggal beach, a beach decorated with various types of coral and stone with a charming landscape.

Batu karas can be enjoyed

Batu karas can be enjoyed by anyone, exotic scenery at dusk, walk along the coast or get involved in attracting fishing nets.


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Entry fee
  • Pedestrian 1 Person Rp 5800
  • Motorcycle Rp 13.500
  • Vehicle Type Jeep IDR 34,000
  • Type of Vehicle Carrying IDR 65,000
  • Large Passenger Vehicle IDR 93,000
  • Small Bus IDR 122,000
  • Medium Bus IDR 186,000
  • Large Bus IDR 307,000


There are many restaurants serving seafood and food such as rolls of lamb stomach or western food.

But I choose to order fish by fishermen. It's very big, especially if you burn it.

Accommodation Batu Karas

Hotel Batu Karas such as Shane Josa Resort, Batukaras Surf Resort, Java Cove Hotel and more. You can also find a new atmosphere to rent people's homes.

However, I prefer to take a tent and make camp. Enjoying the waves hit the reef and the night breeze on my body.

I rushed to make a bonfire and I put a small fish stick in it that had been sprinkled with oyster sauce.

We told a silly story, uh, a free glass of beer. Check out the video.

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