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Iboih Beach is one of the popular beaches on the island of Sumatra. The beach known as Teupin Layeu, is located at the zero point of the western tip of Indonesia, west of Pulau Weh, Sukakarya, Sabang.

The beaches of Sumatra offer a wide range of beauty that will impress tourists like Gapang Beach, Sumur Tiga Beach.

Iboih Beach is actually a port used to go to Rubiah Island. Although a port, but its beauty no doubt.

The clear sea water

The clear sea water makes the boat visible flying over the reef and has a shade of blue green grass plus a clean white sand and surrounded by a protected forest, Iboih like a hidden paradise that has a calm and peaceful feel.

Diving and snorkeling is an activity that can be done in Iboih Beach of Sumatra, because it has a calm sea wave.

The tourists can enjoy the diversity

The tourists can enjoy the diversity of the underwater with various species of fish and coral reefs. In addition, you can also enjoy the beauty of the volcano that lies beneath the surface of the sea.

For tourists who want to feel the sensation of seeing the beauty of the underwater and not bring snorkeling gear, you need not worry, because there are rental equipment snorkeling and diving.

Iboih Beach is perfect for refreshing the mind from everyday activities. The tranquility of the beach and its exotic beauty makes the beach feel calm and peaceful.

If you want to feel longer tranquility and see the sunrise or sunset, you and your family can rent a cottage located on the beach.

How to get to Iboih beach

Starting from Ulee Lheue, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

After arriving there, you can use the ferry to go Balohan port, Sabang.

Arriving, you can use public transportation and get to destination.

Adventure clear sea and also offers woods that attract traveler. There are many species types that inhabiting the forest.

Recreation forest located adjacent to Rubiah Marine Park.

This forest is very dense and also protected as a nature reserve on Weh island.

A bit difficult to walk, the traveler is encouraged to explore with instructions.

This forest is home various species of animals that are out there.

See wild monkeys, all kinds of small and big reptiles, and various types of colored birds.

When twilight, hordes of boar and giant bat are a definite sight.


Taken from google map

Iboih beach Accommodation

Resort and food are available in the village. Some of facilities and accommodation is lodging with style bungalow, snorkeling rental, diving and a souvenir shop.

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