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Kijing Beach

Kalimantan island has extensive forest and crossed by the equator. Tropical climate with a variety of wildlife and fauna. One of tourist attractions that make the tourist or visitors feel comfortable.

Kijing has long been a tourist attraction exellent in Pontianak regency. Attracts touris because of its coastal full of palm trees and white sand.

Kijing beach is located in Mempawah, Pontianak regency, West Kalimantan. Required travel time of about 3 hours from the city of Pontianak, and the beach can already be seen of highway.

The name originated from name Kijing kind of coconut shell are small and hinder.

Before becoming tourism. Kijing beach is a mangrove forest life with various types of marine life such as crabs, clams, and so forth.

Starting from the South to the North are visible only white sand and the shade palm trees as shelter. The atmosphere provides its own beauty.

If the early afternoon and the time setting of the sun on the horizon, giving satisfaction to visitors. 

Road to location

Road to location most of the scenery rice fields owned by local residents. The highway itself is flanked by a beach. On the right is the location of the motorcycle racing track and the full by a row of palm trees.

On the left facing the hill where provided canteen places to eat and drink visitors. Kijing is the natural habitat of mangrove forest with marine fauna such as clams and crabs. 

For tickets go, it is relatively cheap. Facilities are adequate with a few restaurants that are not far.

There is also facility a place worship. If the long holiday, many people flocked spend their time come here.

In Kijing beach there are other tourist attractions named Temajo Island. Can be visited as part-time. That extends from north to south has an area of about twenty hectares. Waves also not too big so that the child ren can play with safe water.

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