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Senggigi beach is tourist attractions in Lombok island most popular and famous in the world.

Many travelers after a vacation in Bali, especially Kuta Beach and decide to go on tour to Senggigi in Lombok.

And Many say that Senggigi is a very beautiful like heaven on earth.

senggigi beach is located

Senggigi Beach is located in Batu Layar, West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

This beach has a sand that is not too white, there is even a section of beach that has black sand. so the sand becomes a clean brown color and contoured ramps, so this beach is known as a comfortable place to play at the edge of the lips beach.

The sea water in this beach is so clear and has waves that look calm. Senggigi Beach has a very long Beach line that still looks original compared to Kuta Beach Bali.

A traveler said, "the beach is calm than in Bali, which incidentally has an atmosphere fairly suffocating when viewed from the many visitors."

What things to do in Senggigi beach?


Snorkeling is an activity which is quite popular in Senggigi beach. You can see the naturalness of coral reefs that are maintained.

And it's very familiar to local tourists and foreign tourists.

So, not only see the sights on the ground but can also see how the beauty of underwater.

If you are not skilled, Snorkeling is guided directly by experts. Relax guys...

A good idea to help you learn snorkeling is with friends or family that was an expert.


In addition to snorkeling, if you can surf. You can use skills and a suitable place to surf in the southern coast.

Because that wave of there can be regarded as great and fit to surf.

Relax guys, for you don't take the surfboard because there are a lot of a surfboard rental.

In addition to surfing, you can swimming, fishing, and a lot of activity that you can try.

Plus the beautiful scenery that makes your vacation will be more memorable.

Looking at Sunset

If you are satisfied with the number of activities ranging from morning till daylight.

You can take the time to see the sunset directly in Senggigi beach.

The sky changing colors orange, and the ball of the sun that looks beautiful and charming.

Which makes it more

Which makes it more special is the emergence of Mount Agung in Bali that looks as black as a big pyramid towering at the end of our vision.

When viewed closely, Mount Agung is seen floating expanse of sea island of Lombok. You'll be amazed to see the sunset directly.

How nightlife in Senggigi?

When we came, the crowd was not in the beach area, but on road along the beach. Many cafes and clubs offer evening entertainment, food and drinks like cocktails or vodka accompanied by dj music.

From a distance one kilometer was still be heard. In addition to bar, there is also a karaoke place, pub and massage place that is open even until early morning. Some cafes serve wide screen for watching together, as well dance floor with DJ.

Senggigi nightlife
pic by antoniodelgomez

Senggigi nightlife is getting crowded.

Maybe this is why many tourists feel stay in Senggigi because of the fantastic entertainment!


In a region, Senggigi have built up a lot of hotels and restaurants.

All facilities are complete in Senggigi. Enjoy stays with the addition of resort and hotel. other facilities like restaurants, live music is available.

And also local food vendors. Food from abroad is also there like Alberto cafe famous for its pizza.

You can also buy souvenirs typical of Lombok

1.Dodol Seaweed

This souvenir Mandatory food from Lombok. Dodol is a common food, but not as usual. Dodol seaweed fresh and sweet.

Dodol seaweed, there is various flavors fruit like jackfruit, mango, and soursop.

Dodol seaweed sweet and chewy like eating jelly fruit. Not only fruit flavors, there is also a sense of vegetables and corn.

Dodol seaweed can be purchased at one of the popular places to get it is in Phoenix Food located in Cakranegara.

2.Honey Sumbawa 

Sumbawa is one of the best honey producers in Indonesia. You can get it here.

There are two types of honey, honey yellow brown and honey white from the bees.

Honey Sumbawa are believed to increase the immune system and treat various diseases. White honey believed to cure hysteria.

Honey is very easy to get. In food shops such as Phoenix or in the souvenir center Cilinaya region.

3.Embrocation Sumbawa

It's a gift fit for a parent or grandparent, but it could be to yourself when tired finished work.

This oil warm and smell typical to cure aches, sprains, alleviate the suffering of arthritis and other muscle diseases.

Can be found at many places Cakranaegara region and Cilinaya.

4.Pearl Necklace

Pearl souvenirs most luxurious. You have to dig deeper pockets to be able to afford it.

Available colored black pearl bracelet and white.

Cheap or expensive depending on the size. Pearl necklace also available, but the most expensive are the ring. 

5.Sasak Cloth

For fans of fashion made of cloth Nusantara, these items mandatory purchased.

Cloth Sasak available in various price options. Increasingly smooth and good motives, more expensive price.

Other hand weaving with gold threads on sale at higher prices.

Not all the cloth must be purchased in the form material.

Cloth can be purchased in the form of a shirt and in the form of scarves or pashmina.

There are also shaped sheath.

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