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Wakatobi national park is known as heaven underwater because a lot the uniqueness of coral and marine life.

Wakatobi National Park

Wakatobi national park is located in Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi Province.

And the name Wakatobi is taken from the name islands in Wangi-wangi, kalidupa, Tomia, and Binongko.

It takes a long struggle to get there. The beauty and wealth are well known in some countries.

There are 750 of 850 coral species in the world.

In some places along the reef, there are several underwater caves that have nearly a hundred species of colorful fish.

King of shrimp erasia and several types of turtles that often lay eggs on the beach and various types of seabirds perched on corals such as geese and malaysian plover fly to the sea to hunt fish.

A location that is not merged with the land of Sulawesi makes the journey can't be reached in one way.

How to get to Wakatobi National Park

1. From Soekarno-Hatta Airport,  by plane flight Jakarta to Makassar. Get off at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport.
2. And there, by plane destination Makassar to Wakatobi. Get off at Matahora Airport
3. After arrived, take a taxi to Wanci Port.

4. From Wanci Port, take a boat to island in Wakatobi. (Hoga Island, Binongo Island, Octopus Island, Kaledupa Island, etc.)

Surabaya - Juanda Airport
1. From Juanda airport, by plane destination Surabaya - Makassar and get off at Sultan Hasanuddin airport.
2. There, by plane to Makassar Wakatobi and get off at Matahora Airport.
3. After arrived, take a taxi to Wanci Port.

4. From Wanci Port, take a boat to island in Wakatobi.

Denpasar or Bali
1. From Ngurah Rai Airport, by plane flight Denpasar to Makassar, and get off at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport
2. And there, by plane destination Makassar to Wakatobi, get off at Matahora Airport.
3. After Arrived, take a taxi to Wanci Port.

4. From Wanci Port, take a boat to island in Wakatobi.

Surabaya - Tanjung Perak Port
1. From Tanjung Perak Port, take Ship destination Surabaya - Bau-bau, and get off at Murhum Bau-bau Port.
2. From Kendari, take ship destination Kendari - Waode Buri- Wanci. Get off at Wanci Port.
3. From Wanci Port, take a boat to island in Wakatobi.

Wangi-wangi to Matahora Airport
1. From Airport, take Taxi to Wanci Port

2. From Wanci Port, take a boat to island in Wakatobi.

Journey: The first city to be a place transit is Makassar with Sultan Hasanuddin airport. Some city other than Jakarta has provided direct flights to Makassar.

After arrival, traveler must continue the journey to Kendari use a pioneer aircraft. This aircraft is only able to accommodate a few passengers.

Surprise from wind or turbulence can be felt immediately on the plane.

A good idea is a breakfast. Because the next journey will take about 2 hours.

The time taken by plane from Makassar to Kendari is one hour.

Traveler is not allowed to go down because normally the plane will only refuel and lower the passenger in a short time.

"Transit passengers are down and left behind will not be the responsibility" said flight attendant to give an announcement while in Kendari.

The journey will continue with one hour travel time. Ocean view with a row of atoll welcomed us.

The atoll is a circular coral reef like a ring. A traveler can see the atoll while on the Wangi-Wangi Island.

Arriving at Matohara Airport, a traveler has only a choice of transportation in the form of a rental car. There is no public transportation like in a big city.

To reach the City of Wangi-wangi or commonly called Wanci, it will take about half an hour.

Before any plane, sea lane is often used. However, the time taken was longer. From Kendari traveler must take a boat 4 hours.

The journey is long, but it certainly will be worth the beauty.


Taken from google map

Place of Diving and Snorkeling in Southeast Sulawesi

A dive site located between Hoga Island and Kaledupa.

The beauty of the ground and under the sea will satisfy your eyes and refresh your mind to improve your life experiences below sea level.

You can enjoy

You can enjoy the beauty of the underwater directly at close range.

Diving to a depth of 20 meters using wetsuits, frog boots (fin), masks, and oxygen cylinders or just snorkel goggles with a hose stretching upward to drown into the sea.

Colorful corals clustered here and there. Anemone fish or clown fish play on the sidelines of the soft coral anemone that became their home.

In addition to Hoga island, there are about 20 dive sites scattered in Wakatobi waters such as Pinnacle site (near Hoga Island) in Kaledupa there is coral reef (table-shaped coral) measuring 2-3 meters and in Tomia Island there Mari Mabuk. and each site has its own uniqueness.

The most beautiful coral structure in Pinnacle, its mountainy reef as its name is Pinnacle or "peak".

This location also became typical of barracuda fish habitat. The fish is oval-shaped like a bullet and can slide very quickly and its life is clustered. also found pygmy, sea horses are very small.

From Kaledupa to Tomia about three hours.

In addition to Snorkeling in Tomia, you can take a walk to Fort Patua and some of the remains of ancient cannons are still installed.

Jomba Katepi a small hollow well as deep as more than 100 meters, it is said to plunge the people who receive the punishment.

From Tomia Island to Binongko Island by speed boat about one hour. people in Binongko Island where life is a blacksmith.

Binongko water can also be found a number of dolphins that often cross the motor boat.

Or you can see a variety of traditional dances 
like dance lariangi, Sombo bungkele and hebalia.

Can also visit the village of indigenous people living around the park.

A tribe living around the park is known as the Bajau tribe.

Because according to historical records of China and European explorers, said: "that the boat people are human beings that are able to explore Johor, Singapore, Sulawesi and Sulu."

Of the overall boat people in Southeast Asia has a traditional boat, culture is the Bajau tribe.

Dive into their everyday life interesting and unique, especially expertise dive to the sea with no equipment to stab fish.

Wakatobi Accomodation

Hotel in Wakatobi also has quite complete facilities like  Wakatobi Patuno Resort, Hoga Dive Resort, Hotel Wisata Beach, Wakatobi Dive Resort, Jelly Inn, Madya Siru.


You can get food and drink if staying at Wakatobi Dive Resort and at the hotel.

The food menu offered is generally is seafood such as shrimp, fish, and squid in a state of that is still fresh.

If you want to find a different sensation, you can order typical food.

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