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Traditional batik is the legacy that is very valuable and recognized by UNESCO. Because UNESCO world set as Heritage batik Indonesia, where the fabric is increasingly popular.

If the batik owned only a few areas, now almost every area has batik respectively. Slowly, batik became an Indonesian identity.

Each region has distinctive

Each region has distinctive characteristics and scratch art drawing with shades of each. There are sixteen districts that have their own style and variety.

Such as batik Sumenep,  batik Pamekasan, batik Sampang, batik Bangkalan, batik Surabaya, batik Sidoarjo, batik Lamongan, batik Tuban, batik Pasuruan, batik Malang, batik Batu, batik Jombang, batik Kediri, batik Pacitan, batik Banyuwangi, batik Jember and batik Tulungagung.

Would be troublesome if it must come to some areas above one by one. If you are walking in the city of Surabaya, you can stop at the Batik House. There has diversity heritage that has become an icon of Indonesia.

The home is located in kenjeran, street Dukuh Bulak Banteng East. No.94, Bulak Banteng, Surabaya City, East Java 60127, Indonesia.

Batik home is open every Monday to Friday At 8 a.m - 8 p.m. Saturday to Sunday, the house is open every batik At 8 a.m - 7 p.m.

The Home Batik very much be visited by people that like to batik.

Inside the house, there are a batik-batik collection of seventeen districts that have the diversity and its own style (wow).

Batik home opened on the initiative of a craftsman batik Pamekasan, Madura is named Faiqah Ismail. The house is open to residents and tourists began in 2004.

Here we are can see almost 2,000 pieces of batik IndonesianHere we are can see almost 2,000 pieces of batik Indonesian with various shades. No wonder if Batik Home East Java get MURI (Indonesian Record Museum).

Evidence in the form of an award bearing the batik in the biggest city of Surabaya could you see if a visit to the home of batik.

Are you interested?  If you vacation in Indonesia and came to the city of Surabaya you can get it on street Tambak Dukuh I No.4 Surabaya.

Location not too far from Taman Remaja Surabaya street Kusuma Bangsa. Besides souvenirs for friends and family at home. You can also wear them every day with your style.

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