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Lake Toba of the largest in Indonesia even in Southeast Asia and the story is very famous.

Toba is a lake of which is formed from the eruption Mount Merapi.

Lake toba is located in North Sumatra is one of the most beautiful volcanic lake owned by Indonesia.

The breathtaking scenery

The breathtaking scenery makes many people visit it.

Surrounded by pine forests, some waterfalls and or bath warm water in the forests.

The air's cool to make you feel comfortable. Different from the lake in Indonesia because in the middle, there is an island named Samosir island.

The island surrounded by lakes and very beauty.

From the Three Kings in Parapat, cross over to Samosir island, using a wooden boat that operates on the hour.

It's 30 minutes. The wooden boat has arrived at the Hotel, Chalet or Guest House.

I'm sure, anyone will feel satisfied to stay there. Because of the price of the hotel quite inexpensive and directly overlooking a lake.

Many a wide range options, they make to Guest House like a house of Batak.

How to get to Lake toba

Many flight schedule is available daily between Medan to all cities in Indonesia and also international flights from Medan to neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Medan main airport is Kualanamu International Airport. There are several flights that provide service routes from other cities in Indonesia to Medan. including Garuda Indonesia, AirAsia, Lion Air, Merpati Air and Sriwijaya Air.

Ticket must be issued varies. The most affordable, tickets worth IDR 400K and can reach IDR 800k when high season.

Travel from Jakarta to Medan can be reached for 1.5 hours to 2 hours. From the airport, a tour to Lake Toba can continue by taxi, bus, train toward Pinang Baris Bus Terminal Medan.

So that faster and more convenient, you can also use car travel, although slightly more expensive ticket prices of around IDR 80K. Another option is to rent a car such as Toyota and Suzuki APV a rate of about IDR 700K/day.

Traveling wears a rental car is recommended for groups. However, if you are traveling alone then you better take advantage of public transportation.

From Jakarta to Balige you can travel by Airplane from Lion Air to Silangit Airport in Balige. Air transit in the city of Batam but this service can save time to Balige.

Another option from Batam to Balige at Silangit Airport can be reached by Susi Air. Time needed from Batam to Balige about 1 hour.

Parapat distance from Medan about 176 kilometers and can be reached by bus less than 6 hours. There are two bus routes i.e Medan to Parapat or via Medan to Berastagi, cost around IDR 40K with a journey of approximately 4 hours.

To book a bus ticket to Lake Toba is served by many travel agents in Polonia airport.

Travel agents in Medan can also provide rental car along with the driver. The bus to Parapat can also be found easily at the airport in Medan.

To easily find the bus to Parapat - Toba, you should arrive in Medan in the morning. The bus will take you directly to the Toba area. On arriving in Parapat, you can take the ferry to the island. The ferry operates there every one and a half hours from 9 am to 5 pm.

Towards Samosir Island you can do in the morning by buying a ferry ticket for IDR 10K/person. While waiting for the departure of the ship, you can take photos around the area of Lake Toba.

There are two types of ferry routes serving Samosir Island, which is the only ferry carrying passengers and ferries that transport cars.

If you use a car then you should ride a second type of ferry that carries the mobill. During the crossing, you will be treated to stunning lake scenery, bluish sky, and cool air.

The weather there can even hypnotize visitors so reluctant to leave.

What's the thing to do for in the Lake Toba?

It's a good question!

I'm gonna make you run out energy and forget all the sad memories.

On this island, there are two villages visited by many tourists, namely Tomok and Tuk-tuk.

Tomok is a village

Tomok is a village which has many interesting sights such as the tomb of King Sidabutar, Batak Museum and the puppet dance performances Sigale-Gale popular.

And Tuk-tuk is a village where there are many inns for travelers.

Batak people that live in here, they say not just the natural tourism that have incredible beauty.

They believe that Toba became a goddess stay seven Batak or commonly referred to Namborru.

Every time will do activities around the lake, the communities will pray and ask for permission beforehand to get a blessing and events to run smoothly.

If only stay at the hotel and play with smartphones, it was so boring.

This is a vacation! Come on, we wandered around the sights.


Taken from google map

Resort Park Simalem

The resort is located

The resort is located on the highway Merek Sidikalang, North Sumatra.

Have a really pretty scenery and facilities.

This place is one that matches to stay if you visit.

Niagara Binangalom

Do you like nature?

The waterfall is unique

The waterfall is unique because of water pipes into the lake.

Located in the village Lumban. Binangalom, the toba Samosir.

Can you swim under waterfalls and enjoy the blow falls.


There are a lot of the souvenirs in lake toba are selling cloth Ulos, guitar Batak, T-shirts, key chains and various souvenirs.

This type of these items can be found on the island Samosir, Parapat, Balige and other places.

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