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This country has millions of the mystery under the sea.

Raja Ampat Islands are located in the districts of Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia.

And known as the center of the resources of tropical nature the richest in the world.

Many tourists from various countries visited Raja Ampat.

The beauty of Raja Ampat

The beauty of Raja Ampat also evident in some places.

There is diving coral reef with the superb condition, located in the Dampier ( the strait between the land with the Waigeo Batanta), Kofiau and Wayag.

The coral reefs are generally up to the beach with the contour of the side step.

According to myth, the name of the Raja Ampat Islands from a woman found seven eggs.

Four eggs hatch into a prince.

Then be separated and each of the king who ruled in Waigeo island, Salawati island, Misool island.

While three eggs other to be a ghost, woman and a stone.

The local residents are mostly fisherman. They live in a small village that was separate from other villages.

People here are so friendly and kind. They want to receive guests from out with a cheerful.

Raja Ampat Islands Best Place Dive in Indonesia

The travel site in West Papua is tourism is very famous and place to dive the best in the world.

However, it is not just in Papua. Indonesia is big!

Wakatobi National Park and Derawan island are also right for you who have a hobby of diving.

Because of the completeness and the diversity of flora and fauna under the sea, like a library underwater.

Many species of coral

Many species of corals and there are also many species of fish.

In addition to, you can also meet with manta rays, mermaids, sea horse, barracuda, turtles, tuna and other.

The rest of the second world war could also be found. For example, the ruins of war near Wai.

Tourists who visit the Raja Ampat diving from outside the country make as a destination. Because natural wealth can't be enjoyed and only visit once or twice.

If you can't dive, you can go to Lorentz National Park or enjoy the scenery.

Culinary Raja Ampat

In Indonesia a lot of traditional food with characteristics of each area.

Chicken Barapen Walesi is one of the foods he said is very famous, Walesi is the name of the Wamena.

How to cook using stones were burned and stored in drums that have grown on the ground.

Other foods are Papeda, made from corn flour. The food is very popular among coastal communities or low-lying.

To make it very easy

To make it very easy, simply by pouring hot water to the cornstarch, stirring over and over again until thick and looks like glue.


If you are on vacation, it will definitely bring a gift for friends or family. Here also there is a lot of souvenirs to take home to your house.

Shark jaws also can be a selection of unique and distinctive souvenirs. Dozens of sharp shark teeth still rooted in the jaw. Usually, at this store show up to 10 shark jaws famous malignant.

You can also get other souvenirs
Pic by Dissy Ekapramudita
You can also get other souvenirs, such as a plate, necklaces, woven handicrafts such as a bag, boar tusks, Necklace King Kofiau and others.

King Kofiau souvenir necklace the rarest. Because it is made from the skull brainpan dog and dugongs.

Raja Ampat Resort
Enough for you want to vacation and spend time with family. As hotels, cottages, boat trips in around and diving equipment.

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