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I'm so glad, My school makes an event tour go to borobudur temple.

The most interesting when the homeroom teacher said. "Every class must make clothes according to the design of each".

Yeah, our school is an art. So this must be made to differ from others.

After the final exam school. I and my friends, including our teacher doing to a study tour.

It's an enlightenment to the students and helps to know more about history in Indonesia.

We're leaving at 09:00 pm. It's far enough.

But, we had all the sights in the way. It's fun!

Finally, we arrived in Yogyakarta at 5:00 am.

We need a break, then go to Borobudur about an hour of Yogyakarta city.

Mm fffiiuuuhh... This morning is fresh.

Our teacher gave instructions, pray and we're done. Let's go!

Before entering temple everyone was given a batik shawl. Then tied to the waist.

As a citizen of Indonesia must visit even once only one time his life.

Borobudur temple Indonesia

Borobudur temple Indonesia is one of seven wonders of the world. And the largest Buddhist in Indonesia, built by Syailendra dynasty.

UNESCO confirmed as one of the seven wonders of the world and in 1991.

The monument Borobudur Temple Indonesia is very wide and height. There are many 3D carving on stone walls, Buddha statues, and stupas.

Borobudur monuments have been made as a symbol in Buddha theory. When viewed from above, in the form of a mandala (the traditional form of Buddhism).

There are three zones plus of temple one main area that illustrate the perfection or Nirvana.

History Borobudur Temple
The construction began on Syailendra dynasty. 9th century under the reign of the King Samaratungga.

Gunadarma is the name of the architect and has managed to design a remarkable building even though he didn't recognize computer systems and advanced technology.

Construction of the largest can be done about 50 to 70 years later.

The origin of the name was taken from the Sanskrit words 'Vihara Buddha Uhr', which means Buddhist Monastery on the top of Hill.

Borobudur has buried

Borobudur has buried by the eruption of Mount Merapi around year 950 AD and found in 1814 when British occupation of Indonesia.

Governor General Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles hear about the discovery of archaeological giant in the village Bumisegoro, Magelang.

Since it was very interested in a history of Java, Raffles also wrote the book History of Java in 1817.

Raffles ordered H.C. Cornelius, an engineer, the Netherlands to investigate the discovery of that location is a hill covered with shrubs.


  • You can Learn of the Arts in Literature and Culture

If you lovers of literature and culture, this area be an exciting experience. You can read and watch the relief panels in the stones wall of temple.

So the story can read in a row, you must walk around the temple in a clockwise.

Starting from east to lowest level and walked around to return to the entrance to the beginning, then ascend the stairs to the next level.

Do this over and over again until at the highest level to get the story in a row and intact. If you are having trouble reading the story. Don't worry, because there are services that are ready to help guide you.

  • Souvenir hunting

It didn't complete if visiting tourist attractions without souvenirs typical. If the hunt for a souvenir, you can buy it a row of the gift.

A variety of souvenirs available here. Like a bag, shirt, key chains, hat, and miniature. The price also varies, use the ability to haggle with you as best they can. (if you can).

  • Shooting

Take your camera to get the most beautiful while on vacation. Therefore, the sight of sunrise and sunset in Borobudur was very beautiful.

Hotel, restaurants, shop as a souvenir, gas stations and means of communication. It was complete.

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