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In the old days before there's an app the weather forecast on smartphone or TV, the people in Manado City change Mount Tumpa as the application when Manado city, will be raining.

Predict very easy...

Manado will rain if Mount Tumpa invisible because of fog. Even though the sky bright without cloud but that mountain covered with fog, and soon it would rain. (according to the story)

The beauty of Mt Tumpa was already famous in Manado.

Mount Tumpa is located

Mount Tumpa is located in the village Meras, district Bunaken, North Sulawesi, a height 750 meters above sea level.

The beauty extraordinary and very suitable for hiker's beginners are not really into hiking but wants to conquer the mountain.

And it's a protected

And it's a protected forest green, also covered by a bunch of palm trees.

The height a simple to make hikers can see the beauty of entire Manado city and Bunaken islands.

Manado Tua island and Bunaken island looks very beautiful and obviously as to the west side of the sea.

And tourist can see

And tourist can see the beauty of lights on, decorate the city at night.

To climb Mount Tumpa, it's quite steep and rising.

If you intend to stay. Take it, the camp and others! It's gonna to make you feel life in nature.

It's not so crowded, that makes people not jostling for a position.

If only the streets and enjoy a view of the mountains are usually local people often when to Tumpa Mountain over the weekend and also at night, to enjoy the lights.

Access to Mount Tumpa isn't hard and has been obvious from Manado city. It only takes one hour from the central city of Manado.

Keep in mind that the vehicle just can take and they have to walk down the path to get to the summit of Mount Tumpa.

Don't forget to bring a camera, because of scenes from the peak very beautiful.

To get a better, don't want to be late! Because there's a little bit of fog that allows it to block the view.

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