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Sipora Island is the smallest strategic and adequate island in the Mentawai Islands region, West Sumatra. When compared to the other four big islands in Mentawai, Sipora Island position is right in the middle between Pagai Islands and Siberut Island. On this island lies the Capital District Mentawai Islands, namely Tua Pejat.

Large areas are estimated to have 10% of unspoiled rainforests, and most of the inhabitants have livelihoods as farmers or fishermen.

The tourist attraction of sipora island
pic by gabyspinola
The tourist attraction of sipora island is the surfing tour. The best time to visit Sipora Island for surfing is April to October.

World-class surfing points, Hollow Trees and Lance's Left are on the southern tip of the island. A number of other famous surfing points are located in the northwest of Sipora Island, among them Telescopes, Iceland, and Scarecrows.

Hollow Trees is also known as HT or Lance's Right. Cylindrical waves (known as right tube) is over the last 10 years often appear in the magazines and videos surfing the world.

When the waves of this type come not too big, there will be 3 take-off zones that challenge you to be able to perform surfing maneuvers. When the larger waves come, the top of the crashing waves will connect with the barrels continuously which will make surfers with average skills gaping.

Take care with the so-called

Take care with the so-called The Surgeon Table at this surf point; this wave as if there is to lift the surfers to be peaks wave as if as a trophy. Hollow Treasure is not recommended for novice surfers because the wave challenge is present for those with adequate skills and expertise.

Lance's Left is the strongest and most consistent wave type on the island of Sipora and beyond. Featuring wave characteristics with two different barrels and a number of take-off zones, Lance's Left (if supported by perfect conditions) can be one of the most beautiful waves on the planet.

Many people call and compare Lance's Left as Money Trees wave of G-Land Mentawai version. The movement of waves at sea level due to greater air and wind (swell) differences creates a perfect vertical take-off zone and barrel.

When the waves are not too big, Lance's Left is suitable for surfers with medium skills.
In the northwest of Sipora Island, there are 2 other famous waves.

Telescopes are a very long, semi-hollow wave, and almost perfect for surfing closest to the community residential center in Tuapejat (district capital) about 5 km to the west.

Many surfers who have surfed Telescopes recognize that this wave is one of the best waves in Indonesia. Telescopes that are not too big challenge you with the kind of cylindrical waves suitable for middle-level surfers.

Scarecrows is a wave type with a takeoff zone left that forms a wave wall joined by a fast rolled barrel. Suitable for middle-level surfers.

Things to do at Sipora Island

You can get around these islands by speed boat and boat. For example Nyang-Nyang Island, Simakakang Island, Pokai Beach, Siberut Island and Madobak Village, Ugai and Matotoan (daily life Traditional culture of Mentawai tribe).

In addition to surfing and traveling around, you can also snorkel  at Awera Island (a beautiful white sandy with coconut trees) and diving at Gosong Siasiat. Photography activities also become something worthy and interesting done to perpetuate the natural beauty of Mentawai.


Facilities and Accommodation

For an overnight stay on Sipora Island, tourists can stay in people's homes in Tua Pejat. Some other tourists usually also choose to stay on the cruise ships that can be rented in Padang.

For those who want to stay with more accommodation, staying at resorts can be an option. We recommend reserving a hotel room from long before you arrive.


There is an airport on Sipora Island but only for charter flights.

In addition, the more routes selected to Sipora Island is by boat or speed boat. Boats will usually go to Siberut Island first before you can continue the trip to Sipora island and other islands in the Mentawai Islands.

Mentawai Express, Sumber Rezeki Baru and Beriloga provide travel services from Siberut Island to other islands, including Sipora Island. You can buy tickets at an agent located at Hotel Batang Arau.

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