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It is not foreign because Bali is very famous in the world which is located southern island of the gods.

Kuta beach is a famous tour in Bali and the mainstay of Bali island as a tourism since the 70s.

Another name of kuta beach

Another name of Kuta is sunset beach. Because visitors can see the beautiful sunset.

And Sanur beach was so good to see the sunrise.

The scenery was beautiful and natural, will make you comfortable here.

In addition, Bali also keeping a culture of an ancestor. The second thing this is a magnet for foreign tourists and domestic.

According to others who knew this place, Kuta is a heart of Bali island.

White sands with waves a long and very big, tested courage of your current surfing in Bali.

History of Kuta
Before being tourism, Kuta is traded. Many traders from the outside doing business transactions in Bali.

In the 19th century, a trader who comes from Denmark named Mads Lange founded trade on the beach. Because of cleverness in trade negotiations, Mads Lange well-known among the kings of Bali.

The first time Kuta beach is a green turtle and a lot of people don't know. Turtle is almost extinct and becomes one of the protected species.

Fisheries in green turtle have been transferred to the coast of Tanjung Benoa, if you want to see a green turtle, you can visit the island sea turtles in Tanjung Benoa by using glass boat.

For novice surfers, if you want to learn surfing? Many a surfboard with prices vary depending on the great and quality of materials.

Accompanied by professionals that are always prepared to help break up the waves. They will teach you how to use a surfboard that is good and proper.

In addition, you can bask in the sun. At a time like this the condition of beaches filled with tourists.

When dusk arrived

When dusk arrived you'll enjoy the sunset in Kuta beach. Focus your eyes to the west, because every second of sunset goes down will cause light gold that's fascinating.

The sky orange decorated like a natural rhythm of the waves.

Don't forget to capture the beauty of the sunset with camera shots you.

Kuta Beach Resort
It's a lot of places to you live. A hotel is one of the main business that supports the development of tourism industry.

Booking Hotel you can search on website and make can it easier for you to find the right solution.

Kuta beach as the famous attractions, widely available accommodations or resort.

There's cheap and luxurious, and also have a lot places of entertainment. Because a lot of tourists from around the world come here.

A number areas of entertainment including cafes, bars, nightclub and others. 

If you feel hungry it's time to try culinary in Kuta.

There are many restaurants with special menus of seafood and a fast food restaurant. Some of them are open for 24 hours.

For visitors who have a hobby shop, there are many shops as a souvenir. You'll find plenty of stalls selling handicrafts, accessories, and a variety of clothes.

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