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Nature Tourism is a tour that is very fun and interesting because we can interact directly with nature that provides pleasure in it such as nature tourism to see Borneo's tropical forests in Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan.

Tanjung Puting National Park attractions

Tanjung Puting National Park attractions as a conservation area which is a representation of the lowland tropical rain forest ecosystem in Kalimantan, which is rich in flora and fauna types such as seeing the natural habitat of orangutans directly in the wild.

In this era of globalization, where humans both at the local, regional and international levels there is a tendency to (back to nature). Then Tanjung Puting National Park as a natural area with a variety of flora and fauna potential is the right place and very large opportunity to accommodate these needs.

The existence of orangutans in the wild and in rehabilitation, these animals are rare and unique animals, has made this animal as an attraction for local and foreign tourists in Tanjung Puting National Park.

In addition to viewing orangutans

In addition to viewing orangutans, tourists can also pay attention to the behavior and life, whether still half-tame (close) or that is still wild.

Other potentials are interesting such as orangutan tours, walking along rivers that are still beautiful and natural with wild animals in trees such as proboscis monkeys, monkeys or occasionally hornbill birds, eagles, king prawns that fly around.

Orangutan tours are natural attractions that will be taken to visit the orangutan feeding place in the wild in Kumai, west Waringin city, Central Kalimantan.

Also a combination with tourism along the river using a boat / klotok, in the Kalimantan language is klotok. So on this trip the tourists will board a boat / klotok and visit the area of Tanjung Puting National Park to see orangutans and klotok as a place to stay for tourists during the trip.

There are several places that you can visit in the Tanjung Puting National Park, including:

Tanjung Harapan: located in secondary forest and swamp forest, is the first station in orangutans rehabilitation process equipped with information center, guesthouse and trail road.

Pondok Tanggui: a place where orangutans are observed in private and protected from contact with humans

Camp Lakey: is in the primary forest and is home to orangutans from half wild to wild, from newly born to three age.

Natai Lengkuas: is a research station of bekantan and observation of other animals through the river.

Buluh River and Bird Lake: is a place of observation for birds, especially migratory birds.

The best time and how to visit Tanjung Puting National Park

Most of the visitors are foreign tourists, because many who come here make Pangkalan Bun and National Parks more improve their services.

One example is when we go up Klotok
Klotok boat

One example is when we go up Klotok is not inferior to star hotel services. The cuisine is also very tasty if we compare with the standards of Great City. Maybe they are used to serving foreign tourists so that the standard of service quality is still good. Likewise if at night, we can sleep on a boat klotok accompanied by mosquito nets.

The high season causes the full order of Klotok boats, from July to August is the high season because it coincides with the holidays and school holidays. If you want to visit in these months, take it anti-mosquito lotion.


The lane to Tanjung Putting National Park

From Pangkalan Bun you can go to Kumai which is about 8 km by public transportation about 15 minutes. Then the journey continues to the National Park using a boat / Kolot about 2 hours. If using speed boat only about 1 hour.

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