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Olele beach is located in Gorontalo, North Sulawesi.

The location is very accessible. Visitors can travel by land or sea.

If by land, then visitors could use a motorcycle or car and you'll pass through the winding street on outskirts of the hill.

When traveling to village OleleWhen traveling to village Olele, travelers will cross a winding road and through the housing.

During the trip, a traveler will see two views clear, that on the one side of travelers will see the views that precipice.

But on other hand, travelers will see the view of ocean blue.

Olele marine park has a lot of beauty, like Goa Jin with ornamental fish, marine biota, coral reefs, sponges giant and some types of rare fish at bay Tomini.

Coral reefs are part of the canopy are decorated with rainbow fish and sea.

One of the rare that can be found is a that the coral that resembles works of artist sculptures Picasso from Italy. People around calling it a "coral reef Picasso".

If you're lucky, the divers can meet with marine mammals. Dolphins will not feel embarrassed to welcome you.

And be careful with stinging jellyfish while snorkeling.

For not a dive, don't worry! Wooden boats of locally made ready to take you find pleasure in these waters and enjoy the beauty saw in coral reefs, fish and other marine life.

When visitors want to do activities like snorkeling, you should bring your own supplies for this place is not available for rent.

Olele beach is very beautiful and charming. Not surprisingly, always filled with local and foreign tourists.

This is accommodation facilities

This is accommodation facilities are not yet available. So if visitors want to stay, try renting in the houses.

The price is also affordable, depending on the outcome of negotiations between the visitors with owner house. In addition, the local community is also very friendly for tourist who comes.

This area is perfect for backpackers that simple, and familiar with limited facilities. The cost travel expense is too expensive.

The facility at Olele most part managed by a group of people on the beach. When lonely, they work as fishermen.

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