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Leave footprints in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara like a time tunnel. Are we going back to the past? Haha, that's impossible.

Hallway connects the world in ancient times. In that place, the world is connected by a harmonious society.

Labuan Bajo is located
Sunset at Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is located on the western tip of the west coast of Flores Island which is part of the province of East Nusa Tenggara. This is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, an archipelago consisting of the provinces of Bali, East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, and parts of the Maluku province.

At the westernmost tip of Flores Island, the city of Labuan Bajo, or also Labuhan Bajo, is in a peaceful fishing place with very comprehensive tourist facilities. Various facilities are an extraordinary attraction of tourists to the existence of Komodo dragons, and a national park of around 80 islands.

When heading to Komodo National Park

When heading to Komodo National Park, bad feelings about this. Because many warnings to tourists.

Travelers will enter the park, which is where to find Komodo (the animal is ancient and the only one left). Foreign tourists call it a dragon.

They come from different countries to see the animals around them.

The beauty of Labuan Bajo to Komodo National Park is amazing. For example, three bays can be seen from the height of the hill on the island of Padar.

Around the harbor

Around the harbor, you will find many ships of various types of screens decorated with background colors.

Komodo is not long on Flores. There are stone caves and Liang Bua caves which are made clear on the land of Flores.

The reliefs of the fossil stone mirrors were discovered by archaeologist Theodore Verhoven. for example, remember that Labuan Bajo now on the beach has become part of the ocean floor.

Flores is also hominid (a hundred years ago.) It can be seen in Liang Bua, about six hours drive from Labuan Bajo.

Ancient remains and also preserved in Wae Rebo (a village outside in the foothills of West Manggarai).

The conservation of traditional houses in Wae Rebo mbaru Niang earned top honors.

Award of Excellence in the Preservation of Natural Cultural Heritage in 2012, Science and Culture (UNESCO), Asia Pacific region.

Wae Rebo and also the living museum. In the traditional house Manggarai threatened with extinction, but still standing and became the center of the inhabitants.

The value of heritage tradition persists. They are faithful to take care of the village despite living in isolation.

How to get to Labuan Bajo

The average traveler who comes to Labuan Bajo is a traveler from the city of Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya and some countries from outside Indonesia such as Malaysia, Singapore, Europe and others.

In addition to direct flight, can also first flight to Denpasar / Surabaya, then continue the trip to Labuan Bajo using PELNI boat about 23 hours drive. Prices are more affordable if you use economy class.

Apart from Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar, you can also use PELNI ship from Makassar, with the same duration more or less.

If you are from out of town (Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Papua) all flights transit in Denpasar or Kupang. Should buy tickets one by one, such as from the city of origin to Denpasar, then flight to Labuan Bajo. Ticket prices are cheaper, you can enjoy the atmosphere of Bali city and Kuta Beach for a moment.

You can use the agent services of cheap Labuan Bajo tour packages through online.

The best things to do in Labuan Bajo

1. Komodo Forest

To see Komodo, you must take a tour of Komodo Island with one of the forest guards. There are a number of hikes to choose from short hikes, which take 20 minutes, up to an overnight rise where you can camp on the island. The best time to visit Komodo Island is in the afternoon when large dragons sit lazily in the shade and baby dragons wander through the wilderness.

2. Padar Island

The island is famous for the viewpoint from which you can see the three beaches of Padar Island (one is white, one is pink and the other is the black sand beach). The best time to climb is in the morning for sunrise. Be aware there are Komodo Dragons on this island and they roam under the shade of the rock (which one you want).

3. Swim With Mantas at Manta Point

Manta Point is one of the most famous places to dive near Labuan Bajo. This is where I met the turtles who talked to Manta Rays, But the more serious one is one of the best Komodo Island dive sites. The reason Manta Point is so popular is the rich stream of powerful nutrients that flows through the straits that attract many Manta Rays streams. Manta Point is recommended for divers who have experience with drift dives.

4.Scuba Diving And Snorkeling

Because there are many amazing dive sites around Labuan Bajo, scuba diving and snorkeling are definitely the most prominent things to do here. If you are lucky enough, you can even swim side by side with dolphins or even whales. Due to its underwater resources, the waters around Labuan Bajo are also appointed as the second best dive site in the world, after Raja Ampat, according to CNN International 2015. Some world-class dive sites such as Toko Toko, Crystal Rock and Manta Point are ready to satisfy your hunger will be a spectacular marine adventure.

5. Graphic Cave
Located in Rangko Village, Gusung Island, this cave will be a place worth visiting in Labuan Bajo. It is best to visit the cave during the day so you can watch the sun beaming from the hole in the ceiling. This cave gives you a combination of beautiful scenery and exciting adventure also called the Secret Cave because of its remote location in the middle of the sea. When entering the cave you will see lots of stalactites and stalagmites as well as a natural 3.4 meter saltwater pool that tempts with a very good level of clarity.

6. Cunca Rami Waterfall

Cunca Rami Waterfall is a day trip from Labuan Bajo by car located in an isolated valley. You need to follow a narrow hairpin line along a bumpy road to get to the nearest village to the waterfall. Once in the village, you need to climb for 20 minutes beside a small river to reach Cunca Hemp. The trip is very valuable. You can really swim in the lake at the bottom of the waterfall if you bring your swim goods. Remember that we recommend hiring a guide from the village for the last trip.

7.Caving in Batu Cermin

Mirror Rock Cave or Batu Cermin is one of the few tourist attractions in Labuan Bajo which is actually close to the city. The caves are located in natural canyons between steep cliffs. The highlight of this site is Mirror Rock cave. I got this name, because the crystal on the rock that reflects sunlight. The best time to visit the cave is between 9-10am in the morning when the sun comes through a hole in the rock that illuminates the crystal.

Facilities and accommodation

In all these small islands, you will find accommodation in the form of a basic bungalow located almost exactly on the beach. There are also a number of small restaurants.

However, equipment for snorkeling can not be rented on any island. For example on Bidadari Island you must have your own snorkeling equipment that can be obtained from a rental place in Labuan Bajo; while in Kanawa and Seraya you can rent equipment directly on the islands.

If you are ready to dive, you should check before leaving whether to rent equipment is possible on this island or whether you should arrange it in advance from Labuan Bajo.

Bidadari Island is run by Reefseekers for diving resorts; But for diving activities with them, you need to make arrangements in their Labuan Bajo office, not on this island. Kanawa Island was developed by an Italian company, where diving is possible without any arrangement in Labuan Bajo.

There are more amazing little islands around Labuan Bajo, such as Kalong and Monkey islands, easily accessible and both offer a good opportunity to explore the exotic fauna of Flores. As there is no accommodation on the island, the visit is limited to a day trip. However, the islands are very close to the islands of Rinca and Komodo which some local tour operators offer overnight stays in the villages on both islands.

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