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Karimunjawa Island is the Java Sea Islands located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. Life under the sea with various beautiful biota become Karimunjawa as one of nine National Park in Indonesia.

The best time to visit is October, May, and then in September (hot months).

Maybe Karimunjawa Islands is not famous like Kuta Beach in Bali or beautiful beaches in Lombok Island. However, its beauty is also no less competitive and will make you forget all the memories with your ex.

The residents around is also very friendly and many foreign tourists who visit.

The name Karimunjawa

The name Karimun jawa is given by Sheikh Amir Hasan the son of Sunan Muria and also a student of Sunan Kudus.

Because of children and students the propaganda of Islam in Java and then discarded to the island.

The history Karimunjawa can be enjoyed now by religious tourism.

Visiting the mosque.

Some tombs like the Tomb of Sunan Nyamplungan, the tomb of Sayid Kambang and tomb, Syed Abdullah who is located in the village.

The beauty of Karimunjawa Islands like in the Caribbean, has another similarity to the Caribbean that is composed of several small islands, therefore the ancient Dutch gave the nickname to Karimunjawa as Caribbean Van Java.

Some of the tourist beaches and natural attractions to visit is.

  • The pool Sharks
  • Legon Lele Beach
  • Hill Nyamplungan
  • Joko Tuo Hill
  • The Coastal Edge Gelam
  • Nirwana Beach and other around Karimunjawa
Meanwhile Island in Kemojan village, there are Barracuda beach, Wedding stone beach, and Tracking Mangrove Forest.

In Joko Tuo Hill you'll find a wonderful view of the hills opposite the small town.

This hill called Joko Tuo because here the framework of fish Joko Tuo is a giant fish, type of whale. The length of 3 meters and fish including the rare fish. and can also do mountain tracking and hiking.

This is very fun. If you are visiting with family, children can learn increasing natural intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and the ability of adversity.

How to get to Karimunjawa Island

1. From Jepara, available boat Express Bahari 2C and Express Bahari Cantika 89. It takes about 2 hours. Schedule departure every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Like KMC Kartini 1, on Friday and Saturday there is also a surge passengers.

So if you want to depart in 2 days then it is expected to quickly order tickets because passengers displaced are run out of  tickets.

2. From Semarang, there are KMC kartini 1 boats that sail from Semarang to Karimunjawa and vice versa. Travel time is about 4 hours.

There is also departure schedule every Thursday and Saturday because it is located in Semarang close to Ahmad Yani airport, also close to the railway station.

This route is a lot of devotees, even one month before departure, tickets sold out. Immediately order tickets if you want to depart from Semarang.

3. From Jakarta, you make a flight and visit Semarang, Jepara or Kendal.

4. You can use the services of travel agents to get karimunjawa tour packages and get discounted tour packages from him.

Vacation activities in Karimunjawa

  • Swimming with sharks
Provide a sensational

Provide a sensational experience to swim and play with the sharks.

Shark species enough benign and don't attack human. You don't be afraid. However, when anxiety continues, you can try the thrill of swimming with sharks more petite in captivity.

  • Snorkeling
Don't miss the opportunity to snorkel

Don't miss the opportunity to snorkel!

There are several places to snorkeling as menjangan island, tanjung gelam beach and pine besa.

You just choose the most suitable package.

  • Diving on the wreck of Shipwrecks
You'll waste time if you don't prepare a diving license you to explore deeper undersea paradise which was amazing.

You'll get to experience diving

You'll get to experience diving near the carcasses shipwreck. Points shipwrecks not just one, but many.

Call it for example Reefs Ship, Shipwreck Pinisi, Shipwreck Indonoor, and the most popular is Shipwreck Biblis which has a propeller of bronze decorated with much charming soft coral.


Karimunjawa Accommodation

You can relax

You can relax staying at floating, hotel or you can try staying in Kura-kura Resort Karimunjawa, Paradise Resort, Nirwana Laut Resort or Wisma Apung to feel sensation of living in the middle of the sea.

Don't forget about the culinary!

A square that became a culinary center. If you feeling hungry, come to Karimunjawa square and ordering some servings of food there. Menus are presented is mostly seafood menu.

Enjoy your holiday :)

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