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Traveling with the community is fun, we can create events to travel, and this event goes to Parangtritis Beach in Yogyakarta.

I left from 3.00 pm to be picked up by a motorcycle club.

From West Java to Yogyakarta far enough, we came one day to the location.

Traveling by motorcycle is very cool, though tired. but all the tiredness is lost when seeing the beautiful scenery every way.

A flat tire or a stop

A flat tire or a stop when traveling is common.

Once up, t break is the right time.

Parangtritis beach by citizens of Yogyakarta city is shortened be Paris beach. Because it is most famous in the culture of the city.

And also famous in Yogyakarta with the waves to save a million beauty and mystery. (to the believer)

Located on the southern island of Java, connected to the Indian Ocean.

Hot and strong winds welcomed us while in the tourist area.

A suitable holiday visit by yourself, couples or families. The sunset views Parangtritis is not losing with Kuta Beach in Bali.

Which is interesting is the dune.

These dunes are known as the only desert in Southeast Asia. Being here, you'll find it was in Africa because of the vast sea of sand and the air is several degrees very hot.

According to local residents believed to be the entrance of a supernatural kingdom in the southern sea.

And also used as a location of various rituals both by the palace and the surrounding society.

Sandbanks Parangtritis

It is a unique natural phenomenon in areas that have high rainfall such as Yogyakarta. This sand dune is used as a laboratory by researchers.

According to research, sandbanks formed from volcanic materials of Mount Merapi brought by the river to the sea.

This material is carried by the waves to the mainland and then brought the wind to form a desert with typical highland features.

The process of a sandbanks

The process of a sandbanks is not short, it takes thousands of years to carry a lot of sand and form a unique pattern like the deserts in Africa.

The sandbanks are often used as shootings. Such as pre wedding photos or filming for commercial purposes such as advertisements, video clips, and movies.

According to the community, Parangtritis is called as one of the symbols of trine power in Yogyakarta with Mount Merapi and Sultanate of Yogyakarta.

Have a water element, Mount Merapi has an element of fire, and the royal palace serves as a counterweight to both. If the line is straight, three lines are on the same line from north to south.

Not surprisingly

Not surprisingly, it has an important role for Yogyakarta. There is another belief that Parangtritis is the gateway of the Royal Palace of the South Sea led by Kanjeng Ratu Kidul.

Do you believe? Better not at all...

That said, the southern queen was like a green color, therefore visitors are not advised to wear green or something bad will happen.

Believe it or not, you should avoid the green color when visiting this attraction.

So next, if you wanna surround the beach, you can walk while enjoying the breeze and the waves of the sea.

Don't want fatigue to run? You can try to walk around the horse riding road.

Or you can also ride a buggy that is ready to surround the beach or rent an ATV

Enjoy roasted corn at sunset

Will be crowded at dusk. Many people set up their own cameras to get the best picture at sunset.

You can sit enjoying

You can sit enjoying roasted corn and coconut ice a lot.

Hunting Souvenirs

There are many merchants who go around offering unique handicrafts in Jogja. But I prefer to hunt to Malioboro.

a beringhardjo market

A beringhardjo market is one of the traditional markets and tourist attractions in Yogyakarta visited by tourists.

I can find batik with various motifs, crafts, snacks, accessories to spices as a producer of traditional herbal medicine.

Parangtritis beach entrance fee

Entrance fee to Parangtritis beach is very cheap and affordable.

  • ticket price IDR 5.000 / person
  • car ticket price IDR 5.000 / car
  • motorcycle ticket price IDR 2.000 / motorcycle
  • ATV rental IDR 50.000 every 15 minutes you usage
  • horse-drawn carriage IDR 20.000 for one round.


Taken from google map

Parangtritis accomodation

Parangtritis beach hotels very much and you can get. There are several hotels and a location close to the attractions. You can choose the inn or hotel closest distance, making it easy to reach the beach without riding.

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