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Losari Beach is located west of Makassar city, South Sulawesi. This beach became a place of Makassar citizens to spend time in the morning, afternoon and evening enjoying the sunset scenery is really beautiful.

Makassar city is known as the center of seafood and grilled fish at night because some sellers and merchants only operate at night, and touted as the longest stall in the world because the tent stalls are located along the beach losari a length of approximately one km.

For photography lovers

For photography lovers, dusk is a golden time. Color Gold background for boats that move back and forth.

The birds fly here and add to the beauty.

While in another corner we can also enjoy the beauty of the floating mosque building, Amirul Mu'minin Mosque which stands not far from the House of Makassar Mayor's Office.

The more late at night, the atmosphere gets crowded.

The traveler who comes from out of town or from abroad will almost certainly take the time to come and enjoy the sunset at Losari.

How to get to Losari Beach

All flights from Jakarta, Bandung and others will land at Hasanuddin Airport and take approximately one hour by motorbike or taxi to reach your destination. If from the port of Soekarno-Hatta just takes about 10 minutes get to Losari Beach Makassar.

Facilities Losari Beach

For tourist who came from outside Makassar, around the beach losari already widely available hotels and inns. For the backpacker, cheap hotels losari beach is also widely available there. along losari beach provided free internet access without logging in and paying.

To enter losari beach tours, tourists are not charged a penny. Visitors only need to pay money for parking, toilets, showers.

Makassar Culinary

Makassar is famous for banana culinary preparations, one of which is epe bananas made from half-cooked bananas and roasted on a stove fire.

Characteristic is the way of processing is clamped between two b oards. In Makassar, mepe means flops.

Epe bananas are generally

Epe bananas are generally served on a plate with a spray-thick sauce and taste crispy, but still sweet.
More delicious with a distinctive aroma of burning and tanned colors.

Made from a mixture of water, coconut milk, brown sugar, and pandan leaves are boiled until thick and cooked.

Epe banana also gets a touch of modification, and varies with different flavors. Among them, chocolate, cheese, strawberries, nuts, coconut, or durian. It depends on taste.

It will feel more special when enjoyed while sitting overlooking the sea and enjoy the wind blowing ahead of dusk or night.

If you need warmth, you can order a cup of coffee, milk, or sarabba. Guaranteed, become a tourist experience that will always make you miss Makassar.

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