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This is a family vacation.

My brother and cousin, they don't go to school because vacation is too long.

Ok guys, they (family) to prepare lunch for there.

At 8:00 am, July 8, 2017, we're going to Darajat Pass Water Park Garut!

From Tasikmalaya city to Garut very near, maybe 4 hours to arrive. huh...

Yeah, we're having some problems in the car. this is happening to take over the first gear when ascend.

I think it's difficult. However, my dad didn't take a gear operand from one of the second to get past the climb.

I forgot maybe 11:36 am we got there. Xd

Darajat pass water park is located

Darajat pass water park is located at Darajat km. 14 Bedeng village Karyamekar Pasirwangi, Garut, West Java Province, Indonesia.

Darajat Pass Garut is a tourist attraction hot waters. Water parks, restaurants, out bound and lodging located in West Garut, 25 KM from Garut City.

This place is surrounded

This place is surrounded by tea gardens, the air is cool, cloudy and hot water. It's fun!

Darajat pass also provides security and comfort for visitors. So, it's perfect for holidays with friends and your family.

Actually in Garut is very much a tourist attraction, such as Mount Cikuray and others. However, this is a family vacation. So I can't go to some places.

Tiket Price Water Park

Weekdays (Monday - Friday)

Child / Adult: IDR 25,000

Weekend (Red dates or holidays, Saturday & Sunday)

3 - 10 Years: IDR 25,000

Above 10 years: IDR 30,000

Don't forget culinary Garut!

I'm not too much time! I just bought a few souvenirs to take home.

my aunt buying

My aunt bought a pack of Dodol Picnic from the center. Because this brand already has a name and taste good.

I hope the owner of the company read it, maybe I'll get for free from him. Lol

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