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Misool Island like a paradise marine park. Spanning a series of rocky islands in west and east. Misool is one of islands four largest the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua Province.

Misool is directly adjacent to

Misool is directly adjacent to the Ceram Sea and offshore waters that become a major cross-path of animals including whales. You can enjoy all the beauty without having to share it with many people.

The existence of undersea paradise can already be identified, even before you dive into the turquoise-colored sea water is soothing the eye.

The almost unspoiled landscape of this remote island encompasses a vast expanse of deep and clear ocean, its white sand stretching along the coast and surrounded by tropical forest trees and mangrove.

Underwater raja ampat save approximately 75 percent of ornamental fish and coral triangle in the world.

There are a number of diving spots that offer experience from misool marine reserve. Various types of fish, coral reefs, sharks, turtles, and other marine biota.

Not only that, misool also has the cultural diversity and customs of the local people. Historical relics of paintings on the walls of the cave can also be found here.


Diving and snorkeling is top choices while on vacation. misool marine reserve known internationally as the underwater paradise of the best and rare natural phenomenon.

The best diving

The best diving season is almost throughout the year. However, keep in mind that during the rainy weather diving activity may be slightly distorted. Visits at different times lets you get more experience.

Boat trips are more fun things that will invite you to watch the exotic archipelago. Scuba Diving or Kayaking is a selection of water sports.

Other favorite places that you can visit is the presence of the human hand-shaped painting, fish, and another known as petroglyphs. The red colored beautiful painting estimated age of approximately 5,000 years.

Accommodations for overnight stays can be found and rented at nearby resort.


You can schedule a flight to Domne Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong. Afterwards, to explore Misool Island you can choose to take a tour using pinisi boat.

There is a tour package, a boat can also be a vehicle as well as a place to stay to explore is in a small paradise with beach views, and a spectacular misool marine reserve.

If you stay at resorts

If you stay at resorts like Papua Diving and Misool Eco Resort, they will usually provide pickup service from the airport at Sorong in the form of a private speedboat.

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