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What do you think about Mt Merbabu height 3142 mdpl?

Mount merbabu is a dream
Mount Merbabu at Night

Mount Merbabu is a dream among climbers located in Magelang, Boyolali, Salatiga and Semarang regencies adjacent to Mount Merapi. A difficult path, bone-chilling cold, and some things that must be considered when hiking.

Fog, cold air, dense forest, and the difficulty of water become an obstacle during the ascent of Merbabu, Central Java. But, if you manage to conquer the peak, its charm and natural beauty can be a valuable gift for you to get.

Mount merbabu is a dormant stratovolcano in Central Java province on the Indonesian island of Java. The name Merbabu could be loosely translated as 'Mountain of Ash' from the Javanese combined words; Meru means "mountain" and awu or abu means "ash". And erupted in 1560 and 1797.

This mountain is known

This mountain is known as sleeping mountain although it actually has 5 pieces of crater: Condrodimuko crater, Kombang crater, Kendang, Rebab, and Sambernyowo crater.

There are several hiking paths that you can use in mountain merbabu.

  • Merbabu track via Chuntel at Chuntel Magelang
  • Merbabu track via Thekelan at Kopeng Salatiga
  • Merbabu track via Selo at Selo Boyolali
  • Merbabu track via Gancik at Selo Boyolali
  • Merbabu track via Wekas at Wekas Magelang
  • Merbabu track via Suwanting at Suwanting Magelang

however, I chose Selo trek because favorite of the Merbabu mountaineers. Selo track is medium difficulty level and suitable for beginner climber. At the Selo track, climbers will see incredible scenery such as forests, savanna grass, hills, fog and others.

the peak of mount merbabu

Selo is the name of a village in Boyolali, Central Java. Selo village is located between mount merbabu and Mount Merapi. So, this village can be regarded as the start of ascent to the two Mountains.

Climbing tips mount Merbabu

  • Try to check out your calendar to pick the right day to climb (not the rainy season)
  • Physical exercise a week before leaving
  • Prepare the team and the equipment to be taken.
  • Make a team
  • Safety is no one.
  • Bring enough food and water
  • Set up a tent in a flat place and shrouded in trees or shrubs so as not to be exposed to direct mountain winds
  • If there is a group who can not continue the journey, it should be accompanied. Or if a serious illness immediately tell the other group.


Go to Selo from Semarang-Solo
1. Bus Semarang - Solo down in Boyolali city.
2. A small bus from Boyolali Cow Market to Selo.
3. A small bus from Cepogo Market to Selo.

Go to Selo from Yogya-Solo
1. Yogya Bus - Solo down in Kartasura city.
2. Solo Bus - Semarang down at Boyolali terminal.
3. A small Bus fro Boyolamli Cow Market to Cepogo / Selo
4. A small bus from Pasar Cepogo to Selo.

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